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Oatmeal Substitute?


Quick question - I am beginning to think that I have a minor allergic reaction to oatmeal because every time I eat them I get bloated/gassy. Besides quinoa, is there any other substitute that mighty help?




How long have you been eating oatmeal? Your body really needs to adjust to that hit of fiber over time. I'd make sure to try it at least a month before writing it off. Maybe also try making it different ways. (water instead of milk, etc)


I have been eating oatmeal for a while, and it has always bothered me. Never enough to really considering switching it out with something else, but with all this talk of food allergies, I am considering it. I do eat my oatmeal with just water and protein powder. It isn't the protein powder because when I eat them separately, the same thing happens.


Take a fiber supplement in your protein shake. Get your body more adjusted to it.


I always get gassy after eating a lot of oatmeal but I figured it was because of the high intake of carbs, same thing happens when I eat a lot of bread. Is this an allergy or just a side effect of a large consumption of grains?


Learn to love quinoa, it's the only seed or grain that's a complete protein (contains a lot of protein too). And it's gluten free.


buckwheat is also gluten free, and tastes pretty good. it has some protein, but i use it for the carbs.


Rye? Beans?


man i love beans, especially black beans and red beans. but they cause the never-ending-wipe... paste in, paste out i guess.


Ezekiel breads aren't bad.
Grits can be a nice change of pace
Quinoa/also Amaranth are always good choices.
I've made pretty delicious breakfast versions of brown rice with vanilla/cinnamon/touch of honey before
All I can think of...

(oats make me sick too :< )