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Oatmeal Problem (I Think)


After reading through a few articles here on T-Nation, I changed my 1st meal of the day about 2 weeks ago. I have 80 grams (uncooked) of whole grain oatmeal cooked in skim milk with a spoon of xvirgen olive oil, a piece of fruit, usually peach or grapefruit, 42 grams of whey protein powder in 1/2 liter of skim milk, and a multivitamin.

Everytime i've eaten this, about a half hour later I get so tired I can barely keep my eyes open. Logic tells me that I'm causing a large insulin spike and crash that I'm not used to yet, but I don't know for sure. Anyone else have this problem or know what the problem is?


Are you getting enough sleep at night? Also, some people react different to milk especially when it is warmed up. For some, warm milk will make them sleepy.

Try making your oats with water and drinking the (cold) milk on the side, see what happens. Good luck!!


Sounds like a blood sugar thing to me.


kal el - great freakin idea man! it seems so obvious now, i'm gonna try with water and cold milk, thanks a million!!


Get rid of the fruit. Lactose and oat carbs are both low-GI. FWIW, coffee is your friend.


I used to get that too, and I thought it was just poor sleep. Now I have a lower carb breakfast, Metabolic Drive Complete, frozen berries, and a table spoon of olive oil and it's a lot better.


But Spike is your BEST friend!


You likely have carb tolerance issues. Maybe ease into the carbs some and increase them over time. I doubt the temperature of the milk makes a difference. The whole warm milk think is a myth.


Exact same thing happens to me. Man, I used to argue with people so much about this. Yes, oatmeal, can make you feel like shit if you have carb tolerance issues. My suggestion is to first try dropping the milk, and try adding nuts (need more than just a spoonful of fat). Cinnamin is also a nice compliment to oatmeal, that will reduce insulin response. If you still feel tired, then I would suggest a carb-controlled diet to help reset system.