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Oatmeal phytoestrogens?

I vaguely remember someone posting something
to the forum a while ago about oats containing
phytoestrogens but I couldn’t find it in
searching. Does anyone know for certain if
oats do contain phytoestrogens? I swear they
must because any time I eat raw oats, I get
more emotional - like I’m on clomid or vitex
or something. Weird things is, this doesn’t
happen to me if I cook them. Hasn’t anyone
else experienced this when eating raw oats?
I’m amazed I haven’t seen anyone else mention

No one has any information on this?

Isn’t Avena sativa, one of the active ingredients in Tribex-500, from oats?

I eat the oats both cooked and uncooked, and I have no emotional symptoms. Although I think M is making me aggressive.

You become emotional on vitex? I find myself very confindent and carefree when on Vitex. Vitex seems to do wonders for my mood, I don’t know, maybe I’m odd :wink:

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing about the
avena sativa - it does come from oats (as I
recall it). Maybe that has something to do
with it.

Yes, I become slightly emotional from vitex - nothing significant.

I dunno, maybe my body just has a weird reaction to oats.