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Oatmeal Pancakes

I’m currently taking 10 days off of a heavy caloric/carb deficit that I’ve been on for the past three months. Over these ten days I am carb cycling which is giving me a chance to eat a lot of clean carbs (especially oatmeal) that I miss. I wanted to post the most simple version of great tasting pancakes. If you’re getting tired of oatmeal and hot water…

1 cup of oats
6 egg whites
2 splenda’s

~54g carbs
~420 calories
~18g protein

Blend all the ingredients and put on a griddle. ENJOY

Add a protein shake and you have a perfect meal for a high carb day.

They are simple, healthy, and ultra filling. Plus it makes a ton of batter so you feel like you’re eating a dozen pancakes.

I make those, but I don’t use splenda. I dice up an apple or half banana.

yea i make these bad boys.
find it better to blend/grind half or 3/4 of the outs and put in some whole ones for texture.

add a pile of WHOLE eggs, lemon juice and some berries.

fry in butter


I make those too.I grind my oats and add cottage cheese in the batter too.I sometimes through in apples or banana to liven it up.

I use 1/2 a cup to be more carb attentive. Great recipe though.

yea, I am working with ways to create more batter with using just half a cup too.

For less carbs, substitute some wheat germ and ground flax seed for oatmeal.

Any less oatmeal now and you have to change the name! :slight_smile:

[quote]lmhr wrote:
Any less oatmeal now and you have to change the name! :)[/quote]

Bodybuilder pancakes?

Hehe, sure why not!

I think of oatmeal pancakes as more of a bulking food choice since I’d want some actual amount of oatmeal in them.
Otherwise I’d just make an omelette or similar low carb meal.

I’m currently eating my way up and gaining so I’ll try that easy recipe for my breakfast next saturday.