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Oatmeal: Instant vs Rolled?


What's the difference between instant and rolled oats nutritionally?

I can be eating nuked oatmeal in 1 1/2 minutes, or 25 minutes (or more) of boiling water on the stove and timing it right.

Is there really that much difference?


I do not think there is much of a difference. I prefer the texture of groats though.


steel cut -> rolled -> instant

Each level becomes progressivly more processed into smaller pieces and pre-cooked before you get it.

I bought 'rolled' because that was the gillion-pound bag I found at costco.


unless you are some sort of elite level athelete.....(and even then maybe not) it shouldn't make a massive difference.

I eat quick oats.


There might be some differences but not enough to warrant waiting 25 fuggin' minutes. Go with instant.


Thats what I was thinking too-

Thanks for the input!


Let me try to muddy the waters. "Instant" is often processed and has things in it you don't really want to ingest. I find instant and rolled oats mushy and unpalatable.

Steel-cut oats are just oats, dried and chopped. IF you are going to have them for breakfast, just put a serving in a bowl the night before, pour in some water, and by morning all you have to do is pour off gthe water and nuke them for 1.5 minutes. Sprinkle n some raisins, or cinnamon, or flax seeds, or nuts--whatever you ant to do to add some flavor.


By that logic, why even sit around and eat cooked, instant oats?

Not when you can just throw rolled oats straight into the blender and be done with it


I'll have to give that a try, I'll usually cook them on the stovetop for five minutes on med-high. I also like eating them raw with mashed banana, apple sauce, or yogurt.


Seriously? The difference there is what, 2 minutes in the fuggin' microwave? As opposed to 25 minutes? Plus I like eating my oats, not drinking grinded up bullshiz.


Or just make a giant batch and have enough for a week; steel-cut oats keep real well and ARE better for you.


can you explain/cite how they ARE better for you?


I get the quaker rolled oats in the 9lbs boxes at sams club. Hard to beat that for a little over $4 bucks.

They take less than 5 min. to nuke in the micro and thats usually around 1.5 cups dry measure.


Calorie for calorie there is no nutritional difference between steel-cut and rolled, but the extra steps in the processing of rolled oats does diminish some of the micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) that oats have to offer (things like Magnesium and Selenium). Also steel-cut oats have more fiber, which gives them a lower GI score, which regulates your insulin.


Wish I'd said that!


YO Momma fucking rocks!

I'll try pre-cooking a big batch of oats then refrigerating them and nuking for breakfast.

guess I shoula thought of that, since I do the same with brown rice.

that is good info~


how does it take 25 min to cook oats? i buy steel cut oats, throw them in a bowl with some water, nuke for 2.5 min, and done.


Edgy lives in a fjord, and it's SO cold there that it takes that long just to get the cookpot warm enough.



not alot of fjords in Cali.

I live on the last surviving one, thankGod!


They actually have fiber in steel cut oats, and they are low GI. Instant is alright for PWO, but that's about it. Jonny Bowden goes into great detail on this subject, you can probably find this info online if you looked for it. You can always order his book 150 healthiest foods on earth, it's packed with great info.