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Oatmeal Consistency

I’ve lately had to eliminate all diary from my diet due to the outcome of an intolerance test.

One thing I noticed is that, without milk, I just can’t get the consistency of my oatmeal/porridge right. With milk I’d do 50 g of oats, cover them up completely in milk, microwave for around 2 minutes, and I’d get a nice consistency that I loved.

With water though, no matter how much I adjust the doses, every time it just comes out too mushy. You can’t like feel the texture of the oats, it all becomes a uniform concoction that’s a little hard to down. I don’t know if I can find the right words to describe the texture I’m talking about. It’s supposed to not just be a smooth uniform mass, but rather with each spoonful you should see “bumps” from the different “grains.” I kinda miss this consistency and texture I got from milk.

Any tips and tricks I could use to make this better? I am thinking giving almond milk a try maybe. I’m still puzzled by this big difference in texture when using water vs milk anyway. Have you noticed such a big difference as well, based on different liquids you used with your oats?

Add egg whites


Seconded on the egg whites. You could also try mixing in a scoop of casein or a good vegan protein powder. Makes it 10x creamier, just be sure to add 25-50% more liquid

oat milk will probably do the trick better than most other substitutes. Is lactose free an option?

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Nope. The problem is milk protein, not lactose. That’s why I also can’t use whey or casein protein powders. I’ll give the egg whites and oat milk a try.

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No idea why deleted my post… lol

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You can undo the deletion. Just click on the curled arrow icon.

This happens to me regardless of the kind of oats I’m using. Right now I’m using quaker oats. The ones that come in small packets.

Not sure what type they are or what they’re called.

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It worked!!


I buy the big canister of quick oats, Aldi brand, boil 2 cups water, lots of salt and cinnimon, add 1 cup oats, add 1 cup frozen blue berrys when its almost totally thickened. I never thought too much about consistency, but there is at least some, not complete mush. Might not help you, but I wanted to share anyway.

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They look like instant or quick oats. My mom likes these but I prefer the old fashion oats for texture.

Glad the egg whites worked for you!

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Try the Snoqualmie Falls Lodge Oatmeal https://www.snoqualmiefallsstore.com/products/snoqualmie-falls-oatmeal

I don’t know if I’d microwave it but I just cook it on the stove and it only takes about 8 minutes. I’ll make 2 dry cups worth and that lasts me 3 or 4 days. I think it has that consistency you are looking for and it’s the best tasting I’ve had.

I checked the website out and unfortunately they don’t ship outside the US