Oatibix, Good Option for Breakfast?

Here’s a link to the site which contains the relevant nutritional information:


I add a scoop of whey protein(35gms protein) to it for breakfast.

n.b. I’ve cut out all grains from my diet, so I need a good energy source in the mornings. Regular oats make me feel sick by the way.

Thanks Shire.

Okay i just realised i’m being anally retentive haha.

If you are gonna have a cereal type thing in the morning then stick to Fiber 1. It has the same amount of carbs only 14 grams of those carbs are Fiber to Oatibix 3.5 grams of fiber. Fiber has 0 cals whereas other carbs have 4 cals/gram because fiber can’t be broken down. If you need a cereal product stick to fiber one.

Looks good, but are oats not grains?