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Oat Meal VS Oatbran

What is the diffrence? And would one be better as your first meal post workout then the other?

I’m pretty sure they’re the same thing, so far as I know oatbran is just finely mulched oatmeal.

So… In terms of what’s better… I guess there wouldn’t be too much of a difference.

The different between Oat Meal and Oat Brand is that in good quality oat meal your get the whole oat, either steel cut or ground.
Oat Brand on the other hand is the hard shell of the oat. Think of the hard covering on corn. When oats are processsed many companies remove the bran (they also do this for wheat, rice and other grains).
If your post-workout goals is to provide you body with slowly absorded carbs that don’t give you a spike. Then use steel cut oats. The less processed the better.
Best of Luck.