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Oat Groats


I have always stuck to eating rolled or instant oatmeal. I was wondering if anyone has eaten or eats Oat Groats, any good? From the pictures I have seen it seems like it would have a better texture.


Every time oatmeal comes up I recommend Coach's Oats: http://www.coachsoats.com/

More specifically this page, where it shows the difference between steel cut, rolled and Coach's Oats:


So, I just recieved my oat groats a few days ago and they are great. They have a way better texture than any other oat and also have a nuttier flavor. I made a bowl and mixed in a bit of quick oats, with the added cinnamon and splenda it tasted/had the texture of rice pudding. It is a must try.

Wondering if anyone had an answer to this. I usually get bad bloating and gas when I eat large amounts of oats but, this time I did not. After I cooked the groats I rinsed them until the water was no longer white/starchy decided to do the same with the dry quick oats. Could this have helped me? Is it all the extra starch that gives me problems or was the groats having been less processed the reason?


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In every thread about oatmeal I post about Coach's Oats and every time it seems like I get ignored!

Coach's Oats tastes almost exactly like steel cut but they cook as fast as rolled oats!


I actually checked out the website and then preceded to buy a bag to see if they are any good.

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It's because of the phytates in oats. They need to be soaked to remove the phytates, they are very difficult to digest and actually act as anti-nutrients, blocking out other beneficial nutrients from being metabolized.


Oats, and other foods rich in complex carbohydrates, give you gas because the undigested parts of them are a favorite snack for the bacteria that live in your colon. They metabolize the starch and produce methane gas, along with a few ketones and assorted other ingredients, that give the gas that "SBD" aroma. Got that from some ones post on a nother forum.

So, it seems like washing the groats after having cooked them may have helped by removing a lot of the starches same with washing the dry quick oats before eating them. I tried washing the oats today before eating them and the water came out milky white for quite some time, so I guess it helped.


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