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Oat Flour, Oat Bran, or Oatmeal

Hello from Spain!

I´m cutting, my approach to 3% of bodyfat coming soon. I´m eating and training hard. I´m looking for new ideas for my recips. Because of I´m so accurate with my meals (I always count each food, the compositon, cooked or raw for using in my charts) I try change the meals composition. Here, in Spain it´s difficult find Quaker oatmeal, so I can buy oat bran, oatmeal, and I can look at the composition for calulating my meals.

In my high carbs days I´m using oat bran cooked as a brown rice, I altern depends of my hungry. Is pretty simple eat whites, oat brand and the fat corresponding. But in my breakfast a eat flax seed bread, whites and brow rice.

It´s a long time I don´t eat oats in my breakfast, but since I find oat flour I ve thought make whites and oat flour with a little water cooked in microwave but I´m not sure the composition of oat flour cooked for counting in my meal.

For exemple: USDA says oat bran, cooked: 3,21 P· 0,8 F · 11,44 C

It´s perfect for a counting

Anyone can help me if know what composition has the oat flour? or what composition have I to count?

Sincerly, I don´t make many changes in my meals, if i´m not sure of the compositions because I´m afraid to broken my cutting phase.

Regards from Spain!

Ops, one thing more…
Maybe I dream with a Ronnie Coleman´s breackfast, his whites…his oats…HIS CHEESE Molly McButter! There isn´t in Spain!!! my God…

Oat flour would be the same as oats for the equal weight. Not the same as oat bran the bran is a part of the oat more fiber.


hey Phill! thanks a lot!

So,according wirh USDA the nutrition facts are:

Cereals, oats, regular and quick and instant, unenriched, cooked with water, without salt [oatmeal]: (100 grams serving size)
· 3 Protein
· 1 Fat
· 11 Carbs
For exemple, I cook 300 grams plus 700 ml of water of oat flour on microwave at 3 minutes. Succesfulling my homemade “baby food”, and if I need more or less 42 grams of carbs in my braksfast, I´ll weigh 390 grams of my “baby food”.Am I right?

Yup sounds good


Thanks a lot Phill, I look at forums and you are always contributing with all.

It´s a pleasure for me to meet people as you.

Congratulations from Spain.