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Oat Bran

After reading the Jack’s bland oatmeal thread and seeing oatbran on there listed in a few recipes i bought some over the weekend and I have to say I like it :slight_smile:

So is it healthier than regular oatmeal? it has more fiber and less carbs, more protein but a little more fat (only 2more g than regular oatmeal per 100ml)

it’s also very fine so i was wondering about its GI, good or bad?

I even used it in experimental cooking haha i coated a chicken breast with it before i grilled it, tasted great!!!

low GI; yeah, it’s good stuff, better tasting than wheat bran.

It’s interesting you measure volume rather than mass.

See, most of us would use oz or g when measuring a solid, not ml. We usually only care about volume if it’s a liquid solution.

That said, Oat Bran is a very rich source of soluble fiber.