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Oak vs Rubish Drama


Ok not really mad beef but…

Top comment…

and then he makes a video…

Some intra weight class drama should be good for the sport.

I kind of understand what he is saying about the local meet but not the head to head crap. It is a global sport and calibrated weights will weigh 2101 in Tennessee as well as Russia.

The fact that Oak got disrespected coming up is also BS and no doubt had to do with his progress and people are jealous.


Oak is absolutely right about the local meet thing. I think his take on the head to head stuff was good too, but he didn’t really express it that clearly. Not to put words in the man’s mouth, but Oak was just saying it is respectful to give your competitor a chance to defend his record if he so chooses; since most guys at that level always perform better against the best. (different sport but think Usain Bolt in the Olympics)

The “official” federations like USAPL and IPF have written rules that specifically address what constitutes an official record. Believe it or not, Ray Williams’ 1000+ squat is not considered a WR because it was not set at an international meet; can’t say I agree with that one…

Don’t know if Oak was being kind or just forgot to mention it, but there’s also no way the officiating at local meets will be as competent (for lack of a better word) as at a large, prestigious meet. And also the local officials will not have as much experience.


I’m not a fan of Kevin oak I personally think he squats high most of the time. But with him talking about going head to head to break his record its not like he held back setting it. So no point to go head to head. Just my opinion, does make for a good battle though


It’s actually really funny because oak goes to my gym and rubish got me into powerlifting so I’m not sure who to side with. In rubishs defense he didn’t even call him out and oak just jumped on him.


Actually not getting called out is why Oak called out Rubish LOL people just cant win in this world.


Ohhhh whatever I was confused thanks for elaborating on the situation.


Disagree with most of what Oak is saying.

Until feds get on the same page, all time WR’s don’t mean anything. There will always be subjective opinions surrounding the federation those all time records were set in. Breaking records in the federation a record was set in is the only thing that really matters.

Ed Coan has said that until someone breaks a record in the federation where he set a record, it doesn’t really matter in an interview a number of years ago when answering a question about Brandon Cass breaking one of his DL records. Seriously, look at the squat Dave Hoff did when he did 3005 total. Anyone seriously consider that squat to depth? But it’s still considered a WR whether or not one agrees or disagrees with how its done.

That’s why I say, federation records are more important than all time WR’s.

I also don’t really care for how world records are defined. If it’s a world record, then it should be set at an international competition where the judging can be done by different countries - same as the Olympics. Otherwise, its a national record no different than swimming, track and field and other such sports.


osu12975, you are actually agreeing with most of what Oak is saying. By definition, if you do what Oak advocates, you would be meeting Ed Coan’s requirement for breaking his record; obviously, with head to head it goes without saying that the same fed, the same judges, and exact same meet environment, would be involved. And not that I would know for sure, but I don’t think Coan competed in a lot of local meets…

Also, most people that commented I’m sure didn’t have the time (sarcasm) to actually listen to what Oak said -he said he used to do what Rubish did (while trying to break Dan Green’s record I think) and found out that the top guys would be laughing at him for doing it that way.

Oak is not a PC guy, thank god, and he is actually telling it like it is publicly. The guy grows on you because he is a no nonsense guy. I was not a fan inititally either, but now I find his videos refreshing because he is not playing to an audience to become popular, and is just a strong as fcuk guy doing his thing. Plus he is great at all 3 lifts which I’m a big fan of.

Btw, I think his squats have been “evolving” to better and better depth LOL, like who am I to judge…


Speaking of Coan -in the same vid that started all this, Rubish also talked about “breaking” Coan’s 220 deadlift record (on one of his deadlift attempts in his vid) even though he weighed in at 229; he just made the assumption that he could lose the extra 9 lbs if he needed to no problem. If I’m not mistaken, there is a big, big difference between losing 20ish vs. losing 30ish lbs in that weight class area.

Also, imo, anyone who breaks a Coan record needs to pay respect to the fact that the man set those records with 2 hr weigh ins.

FTR, I like Rubish too, just think he’s wrong here, and that he should actually thank Oak lol for letting him know what’s what.


If that’s what he means by head to head, then I didn’t get what he was saying. It sounded to me like he was talking about an actual head to head contest where the actual lifter was present at the meet to compete against them.


This. 2 hour weigh ins and a unified federation would get PL in the olympics. Well, probably just the unified federation.

Rubish said he was going to be walking around at 238ish rather than what ever he was before this meet.

Rubish is probably getting ahead of himself a bit but he is also like 24.


who TF cares if its a local meet or not , a pound is a pound and a texas DL bar is a Texas DL bar , no matter where you compete. oak just scared cause he knows pete gonna crush his total in no time so he tries to invalidate his upcoming loss,


Really they should both be happy Larry Williams is happy in the 242s :smiley: …that I think Oak is going to anyways.


Sort of off-topic…you guys need to check out some insane squat footage in the latest video on Kevin Oak’s channel, featuring Oak, Dennis Cornelius, and Andy Huang.