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Hey guys, just wondering if I were going to put some O-lifts in my programs…even just the variations n stuff (high pulls, push jerk’s etc.) On maybe a DE day or something, how many reps/sets would I do it for…keep the reps higher or lower?
What are your thoughts?

there’s nothing wrong with high volume in the oly lifts, but high reps is dangerous. keep each sets reps low. 1-4

As he said, keep the reps low.

Most important thing --> Prepare before each reps as you learn the movement.

You don’t want to try to go as fast as possible (except when you got to pull).

Keep things simple, kinda light to start with and since you probably don’t have anyone to look for advices in your gym, look at videos of the whole movement.

Oh and… learn to hook grip!

Thanks a lot…I’ll look into the hook grip also…I think for the push jerk and such I’ll keep it at 3-4 reps…cause I usually just do strict military press for 5 reps for 4 sets at around 170lbs.