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O-Lifts in NYC?


wondering, first, if there are any T-men or better yet, women, that are living in Manhattan.

I need to find a good gym where I can train with chains, o-lifts, etc. I've looked all over the web but can't find any. The place where I lift now doesn't allow snatch and clean/jerk so I'm limited.

Dave Tate in his last interview said that many lifters start their own warehouse style gyms because they are sick of the normal gyms in their neighborhoods.

Any ideas out there?


I remember hearing about a sports gym in NYC that had bumper plates, but I have to ask around a bit.


Here's a thread from awhile back, talking about great gyms here on the Island (depends how much you want to travel).



I would suggest getting in touch with NYC CrossFit to do some O-lifting in Manhattan. I have met with them a number of times to do some O-lifting. They did a nice clinic a while ago to just work on form.

PM me if you want the info or you can check out their website.




find where the weighlifting clubs are in nyc. maybe you can go train with them. laters pk



O lifting platforms, bumper plates, weight sled, glute ham raise, chains, bands, etc.

Good place