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O Lifts Gone Wrong


So I thought it would be fun to share those moments when your olifts go horribly wrong I know Ive had a few so Il start off. Back in high school at the end of my junior year I was doing a few cleans. I just hit a personal record of 240 and then decided to go up to the track and do some box jumps.

Afterwards I was still on my egorush and decided to do some more cleans so sure enough I caught the weight and ended up stuck in the front squat. For some reason I didnt quite feel like droppin the wieght and ended up fallin straight back with 240 lbs gently resting on my adams apple (thank god its not too big).

It ended up takin 2 of my laughing buddies to get the weight off of me. I've got a few more but il let someone else embarass themselves first. Also any powerlifters can join in as well if its a real good one.


I hit my nose with a snatch once. At least I think that's what happened. I remember starting the snatch, then I came back to awareness sitting on the platform with the weight across my lap and my nose bleeding profusely.


I was feeling kind of worn out today, but I decided to lift anyway. I figured some snatches might invigorate me. On my last snatch of the day, I failed to lockout.

Normally, not a big deal - I'd just press it out. For some reason, (maybe my shoulders were shot) I just dumped the bar right on top of my head- as opposed to on the floor, where it belongs.

I can only imagine it would have been pretty funny to see someone flailing at the bottom of a squat with a bar resting squarely on top of his head.

Five hours later... and I still have a headache.


Fell backwards on a clean, would have been fine, except for some reason my elbow was back when i hit the ground.

ground to bar is about 10 inches.

ground to my wrist with 180lbs bar on top of it was 14inches.

this was last year, it still hurts, I'm just now being able to press without a wrist guard.

I still cannot do a pushup, and i probably will never be able to again, so when people ask me how many pushups i can do i say, zero


A friend of mine in high school did the same thing schultzie did only he ended up breaking his forearm in half.


okay well maybey these arent quite as funny as they are painfull, breaking a forearm in half sounds pretty bad. One more recent one I did was on a jerk.

I guess my head was to far forward and instead of the bar going to lockout it simply locked my jaw closed. Next thing I know I was on the floor with a bloody chin once again feeling like an idiot.



that only didn't happen to me because i was weak as shit, but i thought for sure my wrist was broken

i feel kinda better about my situation now thanks


Not as bad as yours, but I was jerking despite being really sick and grazed the front of my nose, causing my already red nose to look like Rudolph for a week.


About 2 years ago when I was new to the clean+jerk/snatch I decided to go for a PR on cleans. I loaded up 225, decided I didn't need collars. Some how one side of the bar made it up but the other didn't (I don't know why I didn't drop it).

As one side of the bar lowered all the weights fell off, the other side followed as the bar flew up....


Not me, but a guy who trained at my oly gym (OK, it was just a room at the gym, that used to be a mechanic shop). He was strong, but many of his lifts were out of control and scary sloppy.
For some stupid reason we rarely pinned the weight.

This guy finished his technical snatch, stood up way to fast and lost balance, causing one end of the bar to tip down a little and the plates to slide off. The light end goes flying up and he's side stepping fast towards a plate glass door, misses it by an inch and drives the bar through the wall and straight through the exterior siding.

The rule was if we punched holes in the wall, coach had a tub of drywall paste and we had to fix them and paint the wall later, but it was the first time someone had to go buy flashing to fix his mess.


I have witnessed a near "gone wrong" at my gym. Some big guy was c & j'ing around 120 kg or so, and when he went for the jerk, he lost his balance, but he was working at the weight for a while so he didn't want to drop it.

So he actually walked off of the platform and kept walking for about 10 feet until he was able to stabilize the weight overhead. Interestingly, the platform is raised about 4 inches from the gym floor, and he didn't trip or stutter.

There was another guy in another platform in front of him (not on the oly team) doing reverse curls with an empty bar with headphones on looking the other direction. If the lifter kept walking for another 7 or so feet, he would have crashed into the guy.


Caught a PR snatch and it almost dislocated my shoulder. still made the lift.

Didn't realize how bad my shoulder was and thought it just got a little over flexed or something (I think wierd when im pumped with adrenaline). So then i decided to maintain the program and work into my C&J test, happy about making the snatch.

I felt good up until the opportunity for a big PR. After cleaning it (easy) I jerked it and locked out but my arms were shaking all over the shop (still locked) and I sat there with it over head trying to stop shaking all around.

It was obviously from the fact that i had shoved my humerus into the bottom side of my shoulder socket but how was i to know till later.

Recovering from that is still fun but I should be back on the stomp soon.



Anyone ever sack themselves doing snatches/cleans? Not that its ever happened to me.


This one didn't happen to me, but at a weightlifting contest many many years ago, one of the lifters got his jerk locked out overhead very nicely. However it was a little out front. For some reason I will never understand, he didn't try to balance it, but just stood there waiting for the judges down signal. The weight kept moving further forward and he kept just standing there not moving.

The center judge was pretty close to the platform and eventually it was clear that dropping the weight would dump it in the judges lap, so the guy just kept hanging on, body straight, weight at the end of extended arms until the weight hit the platform and he was planted face down on the platform. He didn't let go until the weight stopped moving. I don't think the judge even flinched.


I'm self-taught and never competed, so my mishaps outnumber my successes. Honestly this may be the best way ever to learn something.

-split my pants in the bottom of the squat

-shit my pants in the bottom of the squat

-caught the "tip" on the way up in a clean

-locked out overhead, then dumped the bar, and THEN remembered I wasn't using bumper pads or anything...CLANG

-locked out a PR and then threw my back out unracking the weights, oh irony

-sprained a tendon in my knee trying to teach someone else proper form

I can keep going...I have made most of the non-lethal errors a newbie can make.



The phrase "getting out of the hole" takes on whole a new meaning.

Seriously though, how?


Wouldn't that be kind of obvious? I always get on the shitter before squats, to make sure no accidents happen.


I always take a dump before I lift too. And I realize that sometimes you have really "push" to get it out of the hole... umm, get the weight out of the hole, that is. But I would assume most people clench instead of relax the muscles involved in a BM. I know I do.



be aware of this one:

(I think this is what hapenned to Chris probably)

in snatch I sprained my shoulder by falling too far forward in a haphazard effort to maximally accelerate into squat...

I consequentially bent my arm back too far and it almost dislocated...


(laughed for 30 seconds)

also the story about the guy walking off the platform 10 feet with the jerk overhead slowly toward the guy with the headphones...

(still laughing)

and Carl's story -- the fact that the guy never let go of the bar...