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O-Lifts, Front Squat, OH Squat PRs


I am posting because I want to keep a record of anytime I increase my PR in the Clean, Clean+Jerk, Front Squat, Snatch, Overhead Squat, and all of the variations of those exercises. (One arm & dumbbells).

My goal is to get stronger from workout to workout, and week to week. And figure out what works best for me in order to get stronger and recover faster by looking at the different factors that affect my performance (active recovery, rest, sets reps, supplemental exercises, and supplements).

No excueses or could'ves, just the exercise, weight and reps of new PRs.
I may include something that that I did in between the old PR and new PR that made the difference in getting the weight up.

For some, the weight may seem like a lot, for others it maybe very little. Its not about the actual weight lifted, becuase however many lbs it is, it can always be done better next time. It is mainly about constantly improving by utilizing all of the knowledge that can be found here at T-Nation.

I would like all T-Nation members and contributors who do these lifts to post their PRs as they happen and continue to strive for constant improvement.


2/23/06 Snatch 165, 1 rep



Snatch: 70 Kg (154 lbs)
Clean&Jerk: 90 Kg (198 lbs)

At the end of workout i.e. tired.


Frontsquat 100 Kg (225 lbs)x8
Overheadsquat 60 Kg (132 lbs)x15


Some high rep squats after the OL!


Personal Best, (9/5/05)

Power Snatch 195#
(immediately after)

OH Squat 195#

Power Clean 275#
(Immediately after)
Front Squat 275# for a triple


OH Squat 200 for 5 reps
Power Clean 260
Front Squat 305
Clean Jerk/ Push Press 235


Within he last 90 days:
C&J: 185 lbs (ugly)
Snatch: 130 lbs (rock solid)


within the last 4 weeks

ohs - 90kg for 3 easy

front squat 140kg for 1

hang snatch 80kg for 3

clean 107.5kg for 3

jerks - 107.5kg for 3

ps just started training these lifts 8weeks ago.


hang clean, single @ 298
bodyweight 188


Snatch: 80 kilos

C+J: 102.5 kilos

For the metrically challenged, that's 176 pounds and 225.5 pounds, respectively.

And since some people are qualifying this by time done and bodyweight:

  • within the last 4 hours at 82.5 kilos or in the neighborhood of 180 pounds.


hang c & j: 85kg at bw 93kg


If anybody has vids of these lifts, POST THEM! aahahhahah


ill post me attempting 115kg c and j 1 week into learning them. its not dat gd but ive improved alot from then



heres me attempting 115 before i started a programme with a little oly lifting in it i was testing my max and got 110 but failed 115.

in 4 weeks time i hope to do 120.

ps my form is very poor in this video as i had only started ive improved.


when you guys do OH squat, do you have snatch grip or narrow grip. If you do snatch grip, try it with narrow(shoulder-width) and be amazed at how difficult the exercise becomes-not to mention the sensation in the middle back!



to play this video right click on the play button and open properties paste the location into ur browser and then open it with real player.


I know what you mean! At the end of a snatch workout, I will sometimes do some OHS with just the bar and a narrower grip. Your middle back has to tighten like crazy to hold it up! I can't imagine the strength in this area of elite lifters who squat jerk!


My best power clean 245. It's been 245 for over 6 months. Errr!

Best hang clean (hang squat clean)255, currently 225-235 (focus has been elsewhere)

Current power snatch 170 (just started in January)

Best Front squat 275, currently 245*4.

Current OH squat 170 for a few reps or until I lose the bar.

I have yet to do a full squat snatch successfully. I do the power variation because it's easy. Full squat snatches are difficult for me, even though I can ohs more than I can power snatch.


hang clean 275
front squat 275x4 glutes to boots
snatch 155x3
back squat 345x3 (today)
everything else was done 6 weeks ago
oh squat sucks b/c my shoulders are weak but i did 135x5 last year

keep working hard!!!!


3/27/06 225lbs hang clean for 2 reps
3/20/06 110lbs one arm db snatch for 1 rep each arm