O-Lifts From Hang

I have been doing power cleans and power snatches for about a month and I think my form from the ground is okay but I am still not confident from the hang. I have searched around and found either inadequate or contradicory info. about how to begin the lift.

I started off doing both by slowly pushing my hips back with little knee bend, bringing the bar to just above my knees, and pausing for a second before exploding upward. I was trying to mimick the form CT displayed in many of his articles but I always felt like this was a bad mechanical position to explode quickly, unless I was to reverse the motion by pushing the knees forward before the hips.

Recently I have performing both lifts by quickly dipping until the bar reaches my mid thigh then reversing quickly. The dip has a little more knee bend and a little bit of forward knee motion.

Which way sounds more correct, or if neither, could someone explain how this part of the lift should be initiated?


“unless I was to reverse the motion by pushing the knees forward before the hips.”

I don’t know what this means.


I’ll try to explain better. If I try to mimick the photos of CT (I don’t know how to post pics, sorry) I begin the movement by pushing the hips back without bending the knees much. I end up in a position similar to the mid-phase of a GM or RDL. If I try to quickly extend my hips in the exact reverse motion I used to descend, it doesn’t feel right. My knees are not bent enough for me to feel like I can “jump with weight.” It feels like trying to do a back extension with a barbell in my hand, as best I can see, this is the form I see exibited from CT (I am sure a video would make it more clear.)

So what I meant is, I am to lower the bar as decribed then simply reverse the motion?..Or should/can my knees move forward or dip slightly before I begin the hip/leg extension to give me a stronger position from which to explode?

Or should I just lower the bar to however it feels most efficient to me?

Also should I lower slowly then pause first, or can I just dip quickly and begin the motion without a pause?