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O-Lifts for the Back

I have little experience with Olympic lifts. I am about to make my back the target of my routines, and was wondering which back excerise would be best. THX in advance

Personally, I like power cleans from the floor. They get your legs and hips involved a fair bit but still punish your upper back.

Search olympic lifts, there are some really good articles with all the info you need to learn the lifts.


they are not as difficult as you may think. and once you learn them, they are really fun.

All of the O-lifts, and their conjugates, train the back. Power clean. Power snatch. Overhead squats. Snatch pulls. Clean pulls. Jerks and push presses, holding at the weight at the top (hold the weight for snatches too). Hell, even front squats hit the back. These are all staples to my training, but I also routinely include pull ups, seated rows, and bent rows.

just to be clear, there are only two O-lifts.
but they do have alot of kids.