O-lifting or Powerlifting for Football?

Im a football player going to be a junior next year and i would enjoy starting on varsity. The coach didn’t give us a training program. He wants us to be in the weight room 3-4 days a week though. I have a pretty good lifting backroung. For the past year ive been doing a powerlifting style program. But in the past months ive been getting extremly intersted in Olympic lifting. The speed-strength that those athletes have is amazing. So im wondering if O-lifitng would be good for football. Ive been practicing my form on the lifts and i got them down well. One of my brothers friend is an olympic lifter and thought me the lifts. So my question basicly is in your opinon whold olifting or powerlifting be better for football. Any recommened programs? Also since i get tested on bench press i would have to work that in somehow.

if it helps im about 5’7 185lbs

thanks for the advice

Combine the best of both. Use whatever works best what what you are lacking. It doesn’t have to be “an either or” situation. Don’t forget to throw some strongman shit in there just for fun. Sandbags, logs, farmers walks are all good. And eat LOTS.


You don’t have to do O-lifts to be explosive. Doing any exercise explosively with a submaximal weight can also achieve the same goal. O-lifts are also takes a while to learn.

Instead, I would try box squats and speed bench.

Train for your size and strength in the weightroom and get out on the filed and court to train for explosiveness. Football and sprint training programs are going to enhance your explosiveness and speed more than any o-lift. I also agree with the other post about combining them if you do decide to learn o-lifts.

I would check out DeFranco’s Westside for Skinny Bastards program as it is really geared towards athletes, football players in particular. It doesn’t specifically leverae olympic lifts, but I have incorporated them into my program.

stick to the basics. Squats, bench, deads, power cleans, military presses, rows, chins.

Toss in some GPP work and you’ll be fine

Don’t focus entirely on O-lifting unless you want to compete in this as well. Same with powerlifting. I’d use variations of the power snatch and squat clean in your program if you do already know them well.

You can’t get the same benefits doing other lifts more quickly, Fahd. The RFD is radically different and power generation is much lower. It is a good idea to perform the reps of most other exercises as explosively as possible, but you’re just not going to move as fast or do as much mechanical work with a box squat or a speed bench.


Oly lifts are some of the most technically demanding movements around. Do them without decent coaching and you are fucked (think about football players)

Box squats can certainly be used to develop RFD. By using bands, max. force is applied through entire movement. This is one of its biggest advantage: chains and bands can be used.

I believe OL are excellent, they however have a much longer learning curve and its hard for an athlete to teach himself good transferable form and technique in a short time.


You could do more of a powerlifting routine and the same time try to learn oly lifts. when you are good at them, just add them to your routine.
but that’s just my opinion