O Lifting Blog and Youtube Channel

Hi Olifters, I just found out that OL has its own section… pretty cool.

Anyway, I wanna share a lifting blog and a youtube channel I started recently.

Here are the links:


Cool thanks for sharing! I some of your coach’s lifts and his trainees from Malaysia on some other youtube channels

I believe you are refering to kirksman.

yeah, he used to coach at Malacca(a state within Malaysia), but has been coaching at the Singapore Weightlifting Federation for more than a month already.

Thanks for sharing the blog and youtube channel. Good Luck with your training.

Coach Wu is the the f0cking man!


For those who haven’t been to my youtube channel, here is an update with 2 videos of Coach Wu in training.


some very impressive lifts there!

Awesome! I’ve already subscribed to your YouTube page and now will follow your blog as well. I’ve been watching the insanity that is coach Wu via Kirksman for a while now, so it’s nice to have that outlet again :slight_smile: