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O-Lifting 6 Days/Week


In this thread: http://tnation.tmuscle.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_olympic/conflicted_i_wanna_drop_weightfat_but_love_olympic_lifting

two guys mentioned training the O-lits 6 days per week.

Can someone point me in the direction of, or tell me how I would set that up and why it would be good?

I'm approaching 40 and just started doing C&P and Snatches exclusively. I've been working each on its own day and lifting every other day... so one week C&P gets hit twice and the Snatch once, then next week is the opposite. I will work up to a "heavy" single and then try for 5 to 10 singles. "Heavy" is relative, but I must say, I am sleeping really well the days I lift. The sessions don't leave me exhausted, but once I lie down, I'm out. To tie this into my questions, I just don't know how lifting 6 days a week would be good. Would some of those days be assistance exercises? i.e. front squats, oh presses?


You don't need 6 sessions a week. MOST people don't need 6 sessions a week unless they are getting a solid 8-10-12hrs sleep a day (full time athlete) mate.

6 days a week would allow for more intense but shorter sessions. I do 2-3.5hr sessions 3x a week. Most of my lifting is on Mon and Wed with Saturday being light and more focus on my TeamKoing lifters.

They'll do 2-3 exercises top per session. They'll squat at least once every other day if not once a day depending on what 'pyhase' they are in.

But depending how advance the lifter is they don't need 6 sessions a day. Hell most can't even cope with 4-5 sessions.

A string of moderate or light sessions isn't jack sh!t to the more accompolished lifter imo. If your learning then 3-4 sessions is more then enough imo to learn the lifters. You can spend the other days stretching and working on your mobility but these aren't really classified as a 'session'. A session would mean you lift over 80% for at least 3-4singles at the very minimum. If you do less it would be too light a recovery session imo.

A lifter I know trains 6-8x a week, he sleeps 10-12hrs a day every day with naps also and trains 2x a day about 2x a week. He can do it as he is sleeping A LOT and has trained for years. A beginner or a lifter with less then a 300 should not be doing 6x a week unless they are lifting full time!

Make each session count.

Thats my take on it.



Thank you.


I'm at like 275 and I train 6 days a week :P!


I'm over 300 and train 3x a week, one being pretty light...but it depends on your schedules and how much sleep you get.

BUT the proof of the pudding is year on year results. How have your lifts increased? What are your schedules like and what phase are you in? How often do you go over 90% or test a new max?

But your training capacity may just be that much better!

Mine are general guidelines and imo. I do some random stuff as I get bored when not training, ideally I'd cut that crap and not do it :stuck_out_tongue: