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O Lifters Using Chins/Pull-ups?


Do O lifters ever use chins and pull ups. It seems like their shoulders would be jacked up from all the overhead pressing.




Depends on the kind of training the lifter does, some do some don't. Bulgarian-style weightlifting uses no accessory lifts, only the full snatch, clean and jerk, and front squat. For me, I do a 3-way rotation of incline press/pull-ups, military press/upright rows, and bench press/rows.

As for the shoulders comment, there is not enough time under tension to allow for significant muscle growth.


But wouldnt the sheer tonnage being hoisted overhead cause some problems?


We don't in our gym, coach is from Belarus so we train Soviet style. I'd venture to guess thought that if a bar appeared in the gym he'd toss them into the mix :wink:




with the classical o-lifts there isn't really any pressing going on anyway, despite wat it might look lk to some ppl the jerk isn't a press the bar is received in the overhead position by jumping it there.


I'll do some for general conditioning.

PEOPLE are forgetting that a good lifter would have done all the lower level general strength and conditioning stuff earlier on in their lifting career. But after a while I guess you don't have to do it anymore. I do it because it's a good general strength builder and I feel that wide grip pull ups has helped a bit. I'm rock solid over head once the bar is up there.





Exactly. You don't go right I'm going to go Bulgarian right from the start....you blow up pretty dam fast and you will wreck yourself. It's okay if you have 100's of lifters and you put them through 'the butcher'. You'll come out with 5-10 guys that are the cream of the crop that can take the loads amongst everything else out of 100's of very talented athletes. You can't fail to get some amazing lifters out of this.

Imagine if you had all the NFL/ NBA freak show guys train from 7-8 doing technique and then you start mincing them up with punishing training regimes and by the time the 'survivors' are 20 you would have some BEASTLY athletes.



A lot of my gym do curls and BtN Chins. It really depends on who is forming weaknesses there, who wants to put on more weight, and who has shoulder problems/ lockout problems.


So are you telling me when you jerk, you don't use your upper body?


Upperbody use is minimal. But yeah depending on where you are you will need to do 'overall' training to bring the rest of your lifts to at least minimal standards.

You don't need to press xxx to Jerk this weight at all. But I don't think you'll be lifting much if you can only press 40kg either way or barely do 5 pull ups if your not well over 120kg...



using the upper body in the jerk isn't very effective, the legs are a lot more powerful. I know a female trainer that couldn't do one push up in blast straps but could clean and jerk 215lbs at a body weight below 140lbs.


Not really, no. The idea is to shoot the weight up, then position yourself underneath. It's all about the dip, drive and receiving position (the split, for most of us).

If you try to rely on your shoulder strength for jerks, two things will happen:

  1. You won't lift anywhere as much as someone who performs a proper jerk. I can jerk nearly twice what I can press.
  2. When you try to press the weight, you'll get a "no lift" or "bad lift" call from the referee(s) for ... wait for it ... pressing out!

However, I still use the OHP to give me confidence shifting heavy weight over head and because nothing else makes my shoulders grow better.

As for chins and pullups, I suck at these and so currently I do them first of all. Strength in the lats is useful when getting the weight off the floor.


When one arm dumbbell snatching do you sink as low as you would with a barbell snatch?


No, catch in quarter squat. Personally I've always thought doing DB snatches were dumb, never felt right to me. KBs always seemed to work loads better.


Ya same here. The reason is likely because the plate dont rotate with the torque of the catch. Whereas KB rotates with the "punch through" portion of the Snatch.

So unless you got the DB's with the rotating collars DB snatch create pretty large frontal torque against your wrist and shoulder. I would avoid unless you dont go very heavy and only rock it for warm up.