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O and A

Anyone out there listen to Opie and Anthony those guys are a piss.

I downloaded a clip from opie and andy off of morpheus that was a arnold pizza shop recording. Its one of the funniest things ive ever heard. i dont know if thats who your talking about.

Man! I been listening to those guys since they first vame on in NY (BOUT 3 YEARS AGO),… I used to commute to White plains from long island, and I would almost crash my car off th4e highway,… Gotta admit (and people r gonna jump on me for this),. I think they were much funnier before they were ‘accepted’ as more mainstream, and half their callers hated em. Still the funniest damn sh*t on the radio!

I just heard Britney Spears’ virginity sale it was pretty funny. ‘I can’t even swipe my ATM card in there!’

Yeah, they’re great here in NY. Anthony lives in Bay Ridge, about 2 blocks from me. he’s pretty cool, he hangs out at the Beanpost, a bar down the block. Their show beats the hell out of stern these days. Norton and stalker patty, and all the rest are great.

I live in Philly and O and A have been on since the summer of 2001 I really didn’t like them at first but after awhile I started to like them. They make my workouts go pretty good. I think that they are funnier than Howard Stern and I like his show too!! Yesterday’s show from Mardi Gras was hilarious!

“Ok, terrific” “Wellllllllllllll Doggie” “You’re a filthy whore!” “This is legal, isn’t it?” “Don’t just stare at it, eat it.” “nude teens” “I’m on the zoloft, right? but that’s to keep me from killin’ ya’ll” “Norton!” “Never underestimate the psycho factor in my head” “The 50 gallon drum challenege” “Opie and Anthony it’s the kinda show where you can feel up your sister, feel up your sister, feel up your sister!”

“MBE: well, yeah since 1992.”


How about the F-U line! Krinkle Krinkle,Pajoria Kid(I know I spelled it wrong),Frenchie,Vos sucks, Im ova here now, she was a whooar

My favorite are the soundboards. Arnold soundboard is great. Brian Regan is awesome, Norton with his golden discipline, Dice, etc…

You are right the soundboards are great. Their web site is pretty cool to a lot of great pictures especially the naughty nighty contest pics!!!

Yeah, those chicks are hot. You ever go to foundry music? Has all the soundboards and all the funny bits over the years.

Yes I have been on Foundry Music the site is very good. The soundboards are great and so are the pictures!!!