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NYSC Sucks

I love working out on Sundays. Its my day off , I get to go to the gym watch football and get a good workout in. I go to the gym ( NYSC) today for a good leg workout. As usual Ive got to wait 15 minutes for the women doing straight bar curls with 2 1/2 lbs plates on each side on the only Power Rack in the gym. Thought I vent on the forums since I know i’m not the only one this has happened too.

That’s exactly why I bought my own stuff.

Most commercial gyms suck.

I tend to ask "nicely’
that people can use the already made up weighted bars for that crap- and kinda take over.

which NYSC I am in nyc.

Out of curiosity which NYSC, I always though the one in SI was different than the norm…when I went there it had 3 cages, 2 squat racks and 2 trap bars as well DBs up to 150. This is probably because it was another gym facility before it turned to NYSC, im not sure how it is now but back then it actually was surprisingly good.

This NYSC is in Putnam County. Not alot of choices around me it is this or Gold’s.

I can feel that. I go to a Retro to train. One power rack, one Hammer Leg Press, one Smith Machine. Thankfully the senior citizens pretty much ignore this equipment. Just the other day I’m doing heavy cable rows, I’m getting ready to do my next set, I’m sweating, breathing heavy getting my straps set and 2 old ladies ( I’m sure they are nice people) decide to stand behind me and have a chat. It took everything I had not to say GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY WAY !!! Drove me nuts.