NYC TRT Doctor Recomendations

I’m 38. Based in New York City. Diagnosed with low-T (total 105).

Currently prescribed a 1% gel from my primary care physician.
6 months of use has brought me up to 450.

I would like to connect with a specialist to expand my use of TRT beyond simply keeping the wolf from the door.
Planning on starting a family in aprrox 2 years and don’t want to make any decisions now that could prevent that later (assuming it’s not too late already).

Any advice on Doctor or the process of transitioning from TRT gel to injections would be appreciated.

Tell your doctor you are worried about spreading the gel to your wife, pets and kid on contact. Tell him you are comfortable self injecting.

As for fertility, you can hop on HCG when you want to start trying. No big deal.

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Try Michael rotman

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I second Dr Rotman

What borough are you in? I’m originally from Queens, now in LI, and have have a great doc for 20 years. I have two kids with his help.

In Brooklyn (Dumbo)… I have requested my previous blood tests from my Dr.
Once I get them sent over I’ll post on here for feedback before possibly reaching out to Dr Rotman.

I just want to make sure I am getting the most out of the TRT - as you guys often say - Don’t chase the number, make sure you actually feel better. I have a little work to do there.

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Hey Hedspan, I have an initial consult with Dr. Rotman next week. Any initial feedback if you did use him? I went with an online pharmacy for now until I get a sense of how he would treat my low T.


Dr. Rotman was very helpful. Talked through the prescription amounts, and delivery mechanisms. Prescribed the treatment I was hoping for.
Overall I was very happy.
The only thing I’d say - which is true of most Doctors - you really have to hold their attention to get them to explain your blood test results.
They seem happy to read them, prescribe and move on.
I think it’s on you to get a real understanding of what those numbers mean to you. So I’d say, get him to explain, then take copies of the results and track the the test results against a ‘mood’ diary.
Try and figure out exactly what amounts mean what to you.
Beyond that I feel you’ll just get heavier doses if you don’t articulate what the problem is.

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Awesome man, thank you. Great advice.