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NYC Trainer Recommendation


Hello T-Nation:

I put up a similar post last year, but for a number of reasons I could not follow-through with getting a trainer. I intend to find one now and could use your help.

I am looking link up with a great trainer in NYC who can help me construct a program and/or train me to help me reach my fitness goals:
- changing my body composition (I would like to get to ~5% bodyfat)
- increasing flexibility particularly in my hips, back, and shoulders
- leaning me out (I would like lose some of my "stockiness")

My background: I played soccer for a number of years at a high level, but for the past few years I lost focus/intensity in my training because of work/life committments. That said, I am now motivated to rev up my fitness regime again and would like to enroll the help of a trainer.

I am looking for a trainer that is:
- affordable!
- will use dynamic methods/routines to help me achieve my goals (I do not want to use a standardd trainer found at the chain gyms like NYSC that give a standard workout to everyone - not for me)
- has experience with top athletes
- can incorporate techniques like pilates/yoga etc to increase my flexibility
- will help me sculpt a diet plan
- affordable! (yes, I said it again)

If they have their own training studio, that would be cool.

I know T-Nation has all of this information on the site, but there is such a wealth of information on the site, that at times it is information overload.

Please PM (private message) me here and I would be happy to discuss and give more details offline.

Thanks for your help T-Nation!




John Badurek



Not sure on price, or availability, but John Romaniello is located in NY I believe. He is an active poster on these forums ( http://tnation.T-Nation.com/hub/?id=474 ), and a funny guy based off his Facebook statuses / website ( http://www.romanfitnesssystems.com/ )/ posts.

If I was in NY and wasn't a trainer myself and needed that extra push, I'd seek someone like him. Here's his website. Try contacting him, it can't hurt. Hope that helps!


John Romaniello


Thanks for the recommendations, all y'all.

My availability is a bit more limited than I'd like, do to frequent travel...I'm rarely in the city for more than 3 days at a time, which is why I've focused more on the online training of late.

However, email me (use the contact form on my site) and we can talk.

Or, I can recommend a number of good trainers.

"Affordable" is a relative terms; in NYC most trainers are gonna run you 80 an hour minimum, and the reputable ones much more.

Peak Performance (www.PeakPerformanceNYC.com) is a great gym with awesome trainers, and the owner is a friend of mine, but they aren't cheap.

Shoot me an email and we'll talk!

And, again, thank you guys for the praise; I appreciate it.



My name is Jeff Bell owner of Bell fitness Company in downtown Manhattan. I own my own private training studio, I've been
a personal trainer for over 30 yrs. I'm not one of those Geek - head trainers who needs to refer to training manuals every time you need a
program/exercise change. But... I have all the major certs in the industry. I was an athlete all my youth and adult life, I've been teaching and practicing yoga for 25 years, ran track in high school, played football in college, and even studied dance for 10 years just for the variety of movement.

I train with intensity, and I hit it hard core. My clients train this as well. i love working with kettlebells, barbells ( particularly the olympic lifts, TRX
bands. When i do cardio with my clients, i use Tabata protocols, high intensity intevals and short rest intervals between sets. I've worked with athletes, celebrities, other trainers and performing artists.

My rates are not cheap, ( try to find a reputable trainer in NY who is cheap ), BUT... I'm not unreasonable. I've charged over 200 for my services, but if your serious I will make a significant adjustment if you can meet my requirements.

You can call me directly 917 359 4976 or email me at jeff.fit.bell@gmail.com