NYC Tattoo Artists

What’s up people? I am looking for a decent tattoo artist in a NY area and would love any suggestions and advice. I lack knowledge and would appreciate any tips. I am probably looking for black and grey half sleeve.

My wife and I are considering tattoos in the future. I would prefer to go to Tuff City Tattoo or Tattoo Seen in the Bronx, or Top Shelf Tattoos in Queens. All theee have former graffiti writers from the 80s and I grew up around a lot of it, so that’s where my preference comes from. Go to their sites. Where are you in NY?

Do a search online
Look at the tat mags in the bookstore
Look for artists who specialize in B&W
Visit their shops; look at their work

Go to a tattoo convention in NYC, NJ, or PA. Look whats being offered.
Look at patrons work and ask where they had it done.

Keep in mind there are shops that only advertise via word of mouth. I know of one in Korean Town midtown-Manhattan. Little shop above a small store you have to walk thru to access the stairs. The guys work was amazing. Always busy, never paid for advertising, never went to a show.

Eventually you will find someone you are comfortable and willing to travel to be it 1 mile or 2000.

Good Luck

I am from Queens. I really want something sick and realistic in black and gray for my 21st this summer.

Thanks dude, do you have any particular artists in mind that I could focus on? I am pretty interested in BangBang, what’s your opinion?

Tattoos are personal. What you may like I may think sucks. So I never recommend anyone.

However, you asked for my opinion, if I were to go to Bang Bang I would hit up Dez. Check out the work. Its F’in amazing.

What town?

Forest Hills

Cool! Top Shelf Tattoo is on Bell Boulevard, not far at all.

Thanks for the Info dude!