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NYC & San Diego


I've always dreamed of moving to one of these two cities. Well, what the fuck, I'm going to do it; turning dreams into reality is fun. I know it seems like an odd contrast, but I dig hustle and bustle and a laidback beach life almost equally. Here's what I'm thinking.

Cost of living: It's very high in both places. That just gives me more incentive to make a lot of money.

Safety: New York's gotten better, right? Right?

Weather: That's a no-brainer.

Culture: It's hard to beat New York for that.

Business opportunities: ?

Apartments: With high rental prices, there will be a lot of people in each city looking to cut down on costs and I'm definitely interested in finding a roommate or two. What areas typically attract the most young people? Where are the best "bargains"?

Chicks: I've heard that SD has a reputation for unbelievable hotties. New York is so fucking big that I'd have to be a total loser not to meet lots of girls. They may be bitchier, but they may also have more substance. There has to be some truth to the "surfer girl" stereotype, no?

Public transportation: I'd have no problem getting around NY, but what about SD? If I choose to move there, I'm not driving cross-country so could I get along for, say, up to a year without my car?

Give me your thoughts.


Come to Denver instead.



If you're job and apartment are in the same suburb of San Diego, you could get by on public transportation. Or if you happen to get a job near the trolley(Which is like an aboveground subway).

The thing with San Diego is that unless you're making a good deal of money for a young person, you're most likely going to be about 15-20 minutes inland. Which isn't really a bad thing, with the trolley, or a car you can get to the beach pretty easily.

If you have any other questions I can try to answer them.


Been living in NYC for 13 years now, and absolutely loving it!

Safety: Do your research. Crime rate is actually quite low for a major city, and keeps getting lower. Of course, bullet-proof vest always helps on late night adventures to Bronx and Harlem.

Business: Still the financial center, and the employment situation is steadily improving.

Rentals: Sky-high! Depending on your earnings, you may be able to afford an apt. w/ a roommate for $1k/month. Good bets for decent living and rentals are certain areas in Brooklyn, Queens, and east 80s-90s in Manhattan.

Culture: Museums, parks, nightlife, bars, clubs, restaurants, shows, etc.

In NYC, you only lack money and time; for many, time is money.


I heard there's this chick out there that wears a shirt that says "Boys Suck" and longs for the day when she can legally maim geese. She frightens me.


My dream is to live in San Diego or San Francisco, but being a Canadian means moving there is practically impossible. Getting a Green Card is very difficult and without one, you can't earn a living. I heard Scottsdale,Arizona is supposed to be pretty amazing and growing very popular with the younger crowd.


When I was ...cough...cough... "younger" (15 and 16 years old) I lived in S.D. My Sister, her Husband and 4 nieces and nephews still live there as do my favourite Aunt and Uncle so we get back as often as we can.

Sad Diego is PARADISE! (on the Continental U.S.A anyway...), yes it can be expensive if you are near the water but the business climate, weather climate and "Vixen climate" are hard to beat. One of the most striking thoughts I had when we first moved there was "Holy fuck, even the ugly girls are beautiful"...still true today...

Add the proximity to Mexico and a constant 70 degree temp, well, I am no expert on NYC but ANYWHERE that snows in November sucks.


Maybe EMCKEE will chime in here as he is down there gettin' sum skoolin.

"In India, "cold weather" is merely a conventional phrase and has come into use through the necessity of having some way to distinguish between weather which will melt a brass door-knob and weather which will only make it mushy"

~ Mark Twain


I lived in San Diego during undergrad and a few years after for work. As for business opportunities, it depends on the business you are in. San Diego is great for biotech, and high-tech generally. If you're more into finance and big business, New York is a better bet. However, as one poster above mentioned, New York runs on its own schedule, especially in the white-collar professions. People there work some insane hours -- and I work from 9 AM to 10 PM quite often, and I'm calling them insane...

As far as expense, NY is probably a little higher, but both will give some massive sticker shock to anyone from somewhere not on the East Coast or the CA coast. Go to Google.com and put in "cost of living" and go to one of those sites that does a cost of living calculator. A good one will even let you differentiate between renting and owning your dwelling.

As far as the women: NY has lots of beautiful women, but they're also more into materialism, IMHO. IN SD, the ladies are more laid back, and more natural (don't laugh -- most of the plastic/silicon starts up in Orange County - not that there's NONE in SD, but not as much as you would expect...).

If you can afford to, visit both and see for yourself. For me, I was happier in SD than on the East Coast, and I plan to return someday (or maybe go to Denver...). But take that with this grain of salt: I'm a native Californian, and I live in Boston, which means I have to hate New York. Good luck.


Move to Buffalo.


.......nope, didn't have the same effect. For some odd reason that sounds better coming from a MILF than a guy that hasn't shaved in 2 weeks.


the most beautiful women in the world live in san diego!


As a product of norcal I was amazed at the quantity of silicon in san diego. It is less superficial than the LA area, but more so than in the SF area.

If you can afford it, you will want to live near the coast. It's a full 25 degrees cooler on the coast many days than it is just a couple miles inland, where the desert climate dominates. If you're looking for a room mate, I don't think that will be too hard. If you don't want to have to drive, definately live near, or a single bus hop away from the trolley.

If I were you, I would base my decision largely on the job market of each city and my employability therein. That will determine your quality of life more than anything.


San Diego rocks. Nuff said.

Actually, not quite enough. If you're a mirror athlete, why move to a city where you have to cover up half the year? Doesn't make any sense at all. Also, NYC will be significantly more expensive than SD.

I spent my 20s in SoCal and have never regretted it. That's the life and the place to be for anyone who's young and into fitness. I was in LA, but spent a large amount of time in SD as well. If I were to move back now, I'd choose SD in a heartbeat. All the benefits of LA without a lot of the hassles.

Still, you will need a car. Life in sunny SoCal without a vehicle is no life at all. You will NEVER get a date without one. Word up.


You'll Love N.Y.C.. I miss it but not the winter..lol Upstate is real beautiful in fall too..


Hey if CMC moves here, we could have 3 members for the T-cell in SD!

BradTGIF and I have been trying to find other members in the area.


If your young and unencumbered(?) SD is the place to be. The people are hot, the weather is warm to moderate and the possibilities are endless. TJ's just down the road and LA's only an hour a way. Not too many places in the US allow you to have snow skiing and water skiing as choices of activity at the same time. Public transportation includes cabs, buses and trains. Being a fitness buff, biking around may be the perfect choice for you. You can't go wrong in San Diego.


Lived both in NYC and upstate north of Syracuse and loved it. Two distinctly different worlds, but great nevertheless. But part of it was that I knew it was only temporary. Seeing the NYC skyline and then submersing yourself in it for the first time is amazing.

That being said, I'd still choose San Diego for all the reasons that char and 'cake listed above. For a young guy, you just can't beat that culture and environment. I'd highly recommend it.


Roger that....

CMC, SD is a good place man, lots of ladies (and they're gorgeous), lots of things to do. On days when you're just sitting at home doing nothing you can actually start to feel guilty because you're not out enjoying the area. Char is right though, you'll need a car. Cost of living is no joke either, especially if you're military and have a limited income... But fuck it you don't have to worry about that.

Renegade might be a better reference for gyms in the area than me since I work out on base.

For me, I'd prefer to live in Colorado somewhere, but living here isn't bad for the time being.



CMC I am living in NYC for the next six months at least. It is great. Always something to do anif your looking I don't see any shortage of people willing to do it with you. You cannot beat the variety and culture.

You need money that's for sure. Decent apartments are expensive. Everything is expensive for that matter.

You should live in NYC at least once in your life just for the experience.

Bellereve where do you work out...I found a Bally's but it kind of sucks? Any good T type places you know of?


try Dolphin Fitness..pretty cheap and not pretentious like most of the NYC gyms....there are a few of them in the city...i go to the one on 59th street between 1st and 2nd


San Diego has been repeatedly voted as having the best weather in the US.

And that's sooooooo true. It's practically a constant 75 degrees.

BUT, while I love San Diego, it's still not good enough to draw me away from the Northwest. We got it all here: coast, desert, mountains and a beautiful BIG town (Portland) in the center of it all.