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NYC Report

Most of you guys are not from NYC. That’s a good thing, this place is too crowded as it is.

The latest terrorism scare has made an already tense city even more tense. In the past two years we have gotten used to the increased police presence as well as the security at the tunnels and bridges. Let me tell you it is even tighter. Every truck is getting searched. Even vans and SUV’s are getting tossed. The other morning on the Brooklyn-Queens expwy. they were checking trunks as traffic was stopped right on the road.

One thing I noticed about this city however is that the resolve is tremendous. The bitching is kept to a minimum. People still give the cops a thumbs up. They have tremendous support and I feel like they are doing all they can. That’s a lot for a New Yorker to say…trust me.

I guess the message is this. Fuck the Terrorists. They are like bees. They may sting us but we are going to get your hive motherfuckers. We may miss a few but your hive is history. (my employees have a way of simplifying problems for me!)

The strange part is we expect to get hit again. If you have any doubt that we are at war, live in NYC for awhile.
It has the feel of Israel right now. The when not if feeling.

I hope when this election is over. Whoever wins it. They start to deal with these terrorists in a more vicious and permanent manner. I don’t want my kid hurt by this crap and I don’t want him to grow up watching cops with MP-5’s patrolling the street.