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NYC Gym with a Prowler?


I believe Colisuem in Queens has a prowler. Wondering if anyone knows of a gym in Manhattan (besides places like Velocity Sports and Peak Performance) that has a Prowler that members can use?


Imagine my surprise this morning when I was touring an Equinox that had one.


A commercial gym that let's you do real work and has a prowler? You should buy a lottery ticket.


wait, you can't ONLY use the prowler during training sessions you have to fucking pay for? That's.... revolutionary!


NY Health and Racquet @ 23rd Street has one. They will normally only let you use with when you're working with a trainer. But if you get friendly with the PT Manager and his assistants, they'll let you use it.




At the gym I go to, the prowler sits in the "training cage" and nobody is allowed to use it or go in that cage- which is the only place with bumper plates, battle ropes, and other shit- unless it's in a session with a trainer.


The sports club in the bx has one.


Or, like in my case, unless you pay the $5000/month to become a member of the CrossFit my gym shares space with.


Equinox 33 and park in manhattan has one


I work at Plus One, we are a corporate health management company that is contracted through many fortune 500 companies. I work at Plus One Bank of America and I leave my prowler and sled at the 2 World Financial Center gym.

The good thing is, its about 500 feet away from the hudson river walk path, its basically just a very wide path that is right on the river. I just haul it over there and do sprints, everyone gives me looks but who gives a shit, im getting better and they aren't!

email me at jared.aquilina@plusone.com for me details or questions

I can possibly set up some dates or times of the week where some of us can meet up and just do some good conditioning with my drag sled and prowler! LETS GOOOOO