NYC Council Votes to Ban Weight Discrimination

Tell that to Congress.


Up to 12 I have seen on some vehicles.

What daily driver car is going to last twelve years? Might as well lease at that point. Your going to be paying for twelve years anyway, might as well drive a new vehicle every three years.


12, holy shit thats a mortgage

Congress don’t give a fuck

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We lease quite a few vehicles for various businesses. It just makes financial sense in certain cases.

My wife’s side business pays for her brand-new AMG G Wagon lol. Funny when she pulls up in that to her public teaching day job.


She looks like one of the parents who’s on welfare?

It passed. Let the frivolous lawsuits fly!


I don’t know too many parents on welfare with a $220K car.

But maybe more like a trophy wife with a rich husband.

The acceptance and coddling of poor health worries me way more than any LGBT+ type stuff (though some of that is related to mental health).

I get not being an asshole to someone simply because they are overweight but let’s not pretend it’s something genetic in 99% of cases. Yeah, some people are naturally bigger but nobody is morbidly obese because of genetics or other potential health issues. And everybody can eat less calories if they so choose.

So says I, a 280 lb man who has been over 300 a couple of times.

Also, plane tickets should be sold by passenger weight.


You’d be surprised. Some people know how to work the system. Then again, you probably wouldn’t be surprised.

True. I mean I have seen some “unemployed” people with some very nice whips.

Street paper is still paper.

Undocumented currency if you will.

Man, fuck this country. I genuinely feel like if I don’t stay at my parent’s house after graduating from college then I am financially screwed. Renting sounds like such a bad idea.

Honestly, that would be super smart. Live there, pay them soomething modest (or what ever they ask, most parents don’t want to bleed their kids dry) and bank as much as possible.

By 30ish- big fat down payment or possibly even enough to flat out purchase.


I actually used to be into the whole “grow up” thing in which one moves out of his house shortly after school or training. Now, in these times, I ask, “For what?” So long as there is enough personal space in a house (not an apartment) and parents are OK with children living with them until reasonable ages or marriage, I think it’s an alright thing to do. So long as you work and “have a life”, would there even be an advantage in living in an apartment (aside from screwing when and where you want :grinning:)?


You can actually be morbidly obese from health issues beyond your control.

However the vast, vast majority of morbidly obese individuals wind up morbidly obese due to poor diet and sedentary lifestyle

So, you are gonna bleed your parents dry

Huh? What?

Because he can’t afford 600USD/wk in rent + groceries, gas, public transportation etc while having to budget for paying off student loans as costs of living continue to skyrocket… he has to be bleeding his parents dry?

No… he can pay rent, he can contribute towards paying for groceries and gas etc.

Remove the absurd cost of rent and young people wouldn’t have to feel so financially pressured ALL the time.

That’s why I had the caveat. I understand that.

It is likely less than 1 out 1000 where that is actually the case (versus those who claim it is).

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you have too much faith in the adult kids living at home with mommy and daddy in the basement playing video games