NYC Council Votes to Ban Weight Discrimination

NYC: Land of the Loonies!

“The approved legislation will amend the city’s administrative code to make perceived and actual weight and height discrimination illegal in employment, public accommodations and housing.”

JFL at “perceived”! :grinning:



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How in the world would you prove “perceived” in a court of law?

Also the “public accomodations” part is troubling. That sets a precedent that stuff like public transportation now has to make “size inclusive” seating and what not. That would lower the number of available seats per bus/metro rail and would thereby increase the cost for everyone.


It’s Lizzo’s time to rise up and overthrow the status quo of strip clubs everywhere.

The clubs may need to reinforce their stages from the impending stampede, but I’m not sure if that would be discrimination or not…

Hooters is about to be the land of flat tiddies. No more wall test I suppose *sigh*.

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That would fall under my truth. I went through a training at work and we were told it was about perception not intent.

This is the scenario we were presented with: one of the people running the training was a black man. He said he would feel he was the victim of racism if a white woman didn’t get into an elevator with him in it. I said what if she had been the victim of a sexual assault and was wary of being alone in an elevator with a man. The other person running the training chimed in that it was about his feelings.

A couple of thoughts ran through my mind, one was he wouldn’t feel like a victim if he didn’t jump to conclusions about the woman’s actions. The other was to be a man and not worry about what someone else does that has no effect on your life regardless of her reasons.


The problem with this type of thinking is that it’s completely impossible to apply consistently. In your scenario, what about the woman? What if she thought that he was standing in a threatening manner? Once you go down this rabbit hole, it never ends. It’s literally a race to the bottom of a bottomless rabbit-hole.


A flaw of man: “We see the world, not as it is, but as we are.” (Stephen Covey)

She’s white, he’s black. She obviously doesn’t matter. There’s a hierarchy to victimhood.


She is only a victim based on the minority group she is in and the other person is in. Example: If the person in the elevator is a white biological man with xy chromosomes, the white woman has full right to claim herself as a victim. And all would support her feelings.

The new NYC law might negate her victimhood status if the white biological man is obese.

I thought white women were the most oppressed of all the victims…?

That’s what they say, anyways.

Even they bow down to POCs and those who are straight also bow to the Alphabet brigade.

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I heard about a study a while back that plays a role here:

1. Several women volunteered to be in a study to test whether a potential employer would discriminate against her if she had a big facial scar.

2. A professional make-up artist applied a fake scar to each of them and had them look in the mirror.

3. They left the room to be “interviewed” for a job. BUT, right before they left, the make-up artist said, “Here, let me touch that up a little” and secretly removed the fake scar.

4. The women went to the job interview thinking they were still scarred.

5. Afterward, they filled out questionnaires. Over half of the women perceived that the interviewer was biased against them, discriminated, judged them, etc. because of their nonexistent scars. A few even quoted the exact offensive things the interviewer had said.

Lesson: If you look for discrimination (judgement, racism, sexism, homophobia, anti-facial-scar-ism) you will find it. Even if it doesn’t exist.


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Victimhood mindset will always leave you the victim. I advocate strongly for Jocko’s “extreme ownership” approach… all to often it falls on deaf ears.


The reason why everyone needs to stand up against all this b.s.

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Probably too late for that. May be best to just let it run its course. The time to stand up was when the first anti-(private)”discrimination” laws were enacted.


I’m actually on board with fat acceptance.

Anyone who wants to be a fat piece of shit should be lauded for doing so. Men in particular.

If all the other men are fat, I’ll be the literal sexiest man alive - so thanks for the free points, lads!

Sorry…but this ugly motherfucker is gonna give you competition, :laughing:

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No height discrimination? Seems like there are going to be a lot of injuries at coney island this summer.

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Feelings rule today. Health and safety are secondary.