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NYC College Powerlifting


I'm entering my high school senior swim season and after that, I'm thinking I might retire my speedo for powerlifting. However, this sport isn't exactly that popular in college as far as I know.
What's out there in the NYC area, more specifically Manhattan or Staten Island in terms of hardcore gyms and federations? I'm thinking raw and natural.

Something like Dolphin Fitness, NYSE, LA Fitness, etc definately won't cut it. I've been lifting at home for 2 years so far, but the hardcore gym atmosphere would sure help.

thanks a lot!


Just google it...

You want hard core gym atmosphere? Get friends with the same goals as you and make sure they are as dedicated as you and it wont matter where you lift.


researching it is not looking so good..I haven't found a Federation in the city yet, which isn't much of a suprise, but damn, even the gyms that claim to be hardcore are just "fitness centers" with the usual pansy stuff and marketing geared towards women looking to tone.

That, and with my circle of friends, it's not really happening. It wouldn't be productive.


These things are easy to find when you know where to look :wink:



Thanks for the help, but alas, I was just there myself lol.

The best we've found is a gym in Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn, which is unfortunately an hour drive away with $12 in tolls.


Jeeebus. That's nasty.

I have no idea where's close to where in New York!!

You should try to get along to the closet meet and get talking to the lifters there. They'll generally know where's good to train.

Also, try putting a post up on the powerlifting forum on Fortified-iron.com, there's a few NY'ers there as far as I know.


only hardcore gym that I know of in NYC is an OL gym. Sorry!

I would do what Hanley said, go to a meet and ask around


I would change the thread title to NYC hard core gym, you might get more results that way as people will click in.


There is the Iron Pirates Gym run by Rick Scarpula about 45min north of Hyde park. But he really doesnt take new guys unless you have a referal


As far as in Manhattan, there's really not much. I grew up there, and it's inhabitants are generally more concerned with looking good than lifting heavy shit.

I'd be interested to know if you came across anything.



USA Powerlifting is THE collegiate scene for powerlifting. It hosts a very competitive collegiate nationals. Both collegiate and junior national competitions are gateways to the Junior world championships. In order to compete at the USAPL Collegiate National championships, you must hit a qualifying total for your weight class at any USAPL contest. Check out www.usapowerlifting.com.

let me know if you have any more questions.





I kinda doubt the city would have too much other then trendy shit hole gyms b.c real estate is too expensive.

Are you going to college in the city or just want to get lifting before college??

Im not too far outside NYC on long island and it doesn't appear there is too much as far as powerlifting is concerned 'downstate.' there is the new gym in hempsted, they just held a meet in september. However they would be too far away for you to work out there.

Might be worth just picking up some iron off craigslist, there is usually someone with decent quality stuff, and you certainly dont need fancy shit for powerlifting


Although it lacks the hardcore, underground gym feel that you are looking for, Velocity Sports Performance in Manhattan (58th and Lex.) has all the equipment you need to train as a powerlifter or strongman. They have power racks with an assortment of bands and chains, plyo boxes, glute-ham raise, platforms with bumper plates, a 35yd track and astro turf area for sleds and farmer walks.


Thanks for all the help!
Yes, I am likely to go to college in Manhattan.

LBH110-Actually, I've already got a pretty sweet setup at home.

I'll check out USA powerlifting, and the velocity sports performance gym. Sounds good! About finding a gym, I'm sure whatever college gym would be okay too. I guess what I'm really looking for is a powerlifting group, maybe with someone who can coach my form to perfection. The gym kind of represents a place where we wouldn't be bothered for being loud, using chalk, or w/e.

Also, Romanaz, an OL gym definately wouldn't be out. I do suck at OL, but I'm sure it's nothing some coaching couldn't fix.


whats up muscle shark
I go to school in the bronx me and my roomate train in the gym here. its free they have power racks and me and him have plenty hard core workouts in there. as for finding competitions look through different federations web sites or do what hanely said powerliftingwatch is a GREAT web site.


You can't just join Velocity Sports. Its a "spors performance" gym so you have to sign up for training sessions with their trainers. Very expensive.

When I was going to med school in NYC I lived in Brooklyn and joined Aviator Sports at Floyd Bennett Field. Hands-down the best gym in the country, PERIOD. 8 olympic platforms, 4 extra-wide power racks, 2 Elite GHRs, 2 Elite reverse hypers, plenty of chains, and sleds for pulling and dumbells up to 150. Best part was it was never crowded. It was a great gym.


I used to live in da Bronx....travelled to L.I. to train at Iron Island once a month in Malverne. My friend Murray managed a Powerhouse on 23rd St back in the day it WAS hardcore. Lost Battalion Hall in Queens is the mecca for weightlifting if you are interested.

MetroFit in Pelham Manor used to have a Power and OL team; not sure about present day. DeWitt Clinton & JFK in the Bronx both had good weight rooms if you hook up with one of the football coaches there MAYBE you could get access, Good Luck in your quest!