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NYC Bans Aluminum Bats


The nanny state strikes again! First firearms ( for the most part) now aluminum bats? God bless those fine New York City politicians.....always looking out for the safety of the helpless citizens!


At least criminals won't be able to attack people with aluminum bats now. Phew!!


This has to be a joke.... what about all the kids playing ball with aluminum bats?


Why do they even pass laws like this?


The law states that you can't use aluminum bats at high school baseball games. It isn't preventing anyone from buying or owning an aluminum bat.


The title of the thread makes it seem like aluminum bats will suddenly be contraband in NYC. This bill seeks to ban the use of them during high school games--to protect players (they say the ball comes off the barrel too fast). You can question the necessity/wisdom of such a move in the context of the game of baseball and the safety of its players, but make sure you understand what you're talking about.


First they take our children's guns, and now their aluminum bats? How the heck are our kids supposed to be killing each other these days? By garrote?


I prefer dual kodachi. I stopped using a garrote for the most part after 3rd grade.


Ah, that makes sense. IMO aluminum bats shouldn't be used by anyone but young kids. It should be a league decision though not an actual piece of legislation....


Agreed it should be a league decision but the thread title and first post made this very misleading.