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NY Times article/Cy wilson Respond please

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Cy Willson wanted testosterone, and he wanted his health insurer to pay for it ? the pure drug, produced for human and not veterinary use, could cost $20 a month for the dose he wanted. So he needed a prescription. But the only approved use is for people with demonstrated testosterone deficiencies.

So Mr. Willson, a 21-year-old student at a large Midwestern university, set out to give himself a deficiency. In the April 2001 issue of Testosterone magazine, in an article titled “Your Doctor, Your Dealer,” he explained how he did it ? what symptoms to feign, what to eat (very little, and no carbohydrates or fat), what to drink (beer) and whether to exercise (yes, twice a day). A little sleep deprivation also helps, he wrote.

Mr. Willson says his testosterone levels plummeted and he got his prescription. He says he is taking testosterone “for aesthetic purposes,” explaining that he gained 20 pounds of muscle.

I went back and read the article by Cy Wilson and it stated none of what they said unless Cy Wilson told them. The article is typical of american journalism, one sided, ignorant, and propaganda full.
laters pk