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NY Supplement stores

Hey boys,

I’m going to be in Manhattan in a week and a half and I was hoping to pick up some Mag-10 and Hot-Rox while I was there. If anyone can steer me in the direction of a few Supp stores that carry Biotest products, I’d appreciate it. I’ll be spending a Saturday in Manhattan.

Thanks in advance.

Westerly Natural Market on the corner of 54th and 8th. (Great store)

Vitamin Shoppe on 57th between 6th and 7th.


Thanks very much. Appreciate it.

i think you’ll be able to pick up biotest at any Vitamin Shoppe. i go to the one on the corner of West 14th and 7th Ave and to the one near work around Grand Central Station. i just saw Hot Rox there yesterday at a great price and they have Methoxy and Surge. no problemo.

Thanks guys.

I’ll be staying somewhere close to Laguradia because I fly out 6:55am Sunday. I’ll check out a Vitamin Shop. I assume one will be in walking distance. I need to see a little of New York, so I don’t mind to much of a trek.

Thanks again.

I’m not sure but if you are staying near the airport, there won’t be a VS near there. At least not in walking distance. If you come into Manhattan, just look online (yellow pages), there are probably 20 VS’s to choose from. I like the one downtown. (around 100 b’way) Good prices on Mag 10. Good luck and enjoy the city.

Last time I was there, the prices were terrible. I guess that’s just the city for you, though. I’ll be going back again this summer sometime and will try to mail-order to my hotel if that’s possible. Anyone ever tried this?

Hey guys,

Thanks for all the help so far. Maybe someone can offer a little more help. I checked the VS website and there’s one in Jackson Heights. I was thinking of stopping there on my way from the port (taking a cruise) to a hotel near the airport.

Would I be better off staying somewhere else (say Manhattan) and taking a taxi to Laguardia? Or would my original plan work out? I called the VS in Jackson Heights and checked for Mag 10 and Hot Rox. They have both.

Thanks again everyone.