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NY State Powerlifting Champion


I lifted in the 188 lb. class at 181 lbs. and totalled 1300.

Squat - 530 (record)
Bench - 245
Deadlift - 525

I got most improved from last year, up 345 lbs from 955, and would of got most valuable lifter (highest total overall) but they gave it to a girl this year. The guys from my gym (Paul Childress is one of them) said my squat was pretty ugly so I'll have to come in more often so they can set me up in a real meet. I'll probably get some pictures up when my mom loads them onto the computer.


CONGRATULATIONS MAN! That is huge. When your training with guys like Paul, there's always room for improvement.


Well done mate, solid squat and dead. If you improve your bench a little you will be awesome!


Thanks guys. My bench as never been great. They wanna get me in a bench shirt but I think I need to get my raw bench up first


great job! only one question. What the heck is a 188 lb. class? There is a 181 calss and then 198. I've never heard of any fed having a 188 class.... Maybe it was just a typo.


Raw squat and dead too?!

If so, that really rocks. If not, it still rocks.



What meet was this done at? I live in NY and would like to do start in some raw PL competitions.


They made more weight classes because its a high school meet so they go something like:
132, 148, 158, 168, 178, 188, 198, 220, then the rest is unlimited, which I don't like so much because that class has a ton of kids. Sort of related -I dont if I'm actually the state champion, it says NYS championship meet but you dont qualify and there's a couple meets like it in the area (it's the biggest of them).

The squat and dead aren't raw, I wore an ipf metal suit. They used IPF rules for equipment but no bench shirts.

Footsoldier, this meet allowed for some gear, and was in the western new york area. It was a high school meet so you can't be 19 before a certain date. If you fit those criteria then theres another meet like it coming up in late April. I'm not really sure of any other meets. Try asking in the elite fitness q & a, they'll probably post your question and if people know a meet near you they'll send you an email.


Awesome job, man. Keep up the great work.


Why in the sam hell would they not allow bench shirts but allow a squat suit?

I guess it probably has something to do with the fact that the same kind of people that run these things are the same ones that are trying to ban protein drinks PWO in some schools.

It boggles the mind.


Ahh no shirt, no wonder the number is down a bit on the others. 245 raw isn't too bad at that weight.

Of course, all the e-lifters here are doing three times that... yeah right!


Actually, no need to have a boggled mind as this is very typical of large HS federations. The rule was set to help encourage financially disadvantaged upcoming lifters and school districts.

The reason being that, believe it or not, at a lot of these high schools, one can actually letter in PL, and they have large teams.

It becomes financially prohibitive for the school to provide this level of gear, and certainly not all students can afford new bench shirts.

Therefore not allowing bench shirts kind of levels the playing field, in particular as it relates to new lifters.

If a lifter wants to compete in a shirt, all they have to do is enter an open meet.

You may now remove your tin foil helmet.


We all see it all the time: Internet courage and Internet strength!

I too congratulate the original poster for an outstanding effort.


I think the bench shirt rule is mainly to keep most lifters from being at a disadvantage like someone said. Squat suits tend to be a bit more common -some coaches will show up with a bag full of belts and suits.

I tried to attach a picture of my last deadlift...


Where in NY???


Good Job


Good Job.

I have my State Championchips coming up in Mai.


Congrats! Great job.

Ditch the shorts on your deadlift and put some baby powder on your thighs. (Careful not to get any on your hands!)



Excellent work; keep it up. That is a nice bench for being raw and at your age.


I second that. Those shorts will just get in the way. And you will look tougher without them! :slight_smile: