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NY Pro May 16


Just wondering if any folks from my neck of the woods plan on attending. I last went when it was still called the Night of Champions, and Cutler won (despite everyone in the audience booing), but my training partner and I are planning on attending this year. Be cool if we could wrassle up some T-Folk, maybe grab some dead animal flesh afterwards of something.



Evan Centopani is competing at the NY pro this year...can't wait to see what he looks like.



Here's a teaser for you DG. I have no idea who this kid is but his pictures showed up on my facebook home page so I got to see some pretty cool pics from the Arnold. I think it's b/c I'm friends with Layne Norton and he was tagged in the album...idk


He supposedly was up to 318lbs in his off season.

He plans on competing at a very lean and aesthetic 260+lbs

Another guy that came out of nowhere, and of the new crop of bodybuilders he is one of my favorites. Seems like a cool guy and is pretty knowledgable too.

-sorry for the minor hijack Stu...but since it's Evan's pro debut at your NY Pro show I figured I'd add :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Stu if you wouldn't mind. Where is the show? In the city?


Lol, no prob Dg, I actually saw Evan a couple months back training in Jersey (Bob Bonham's place), and it's amazing to see just how damn big the guy is in person.

Yeah, I believe the show's in manhattan, I saw a link off of Bev Francis' gyms' homepage. Should be a hell of a show this year. My buddy's a huge Evan fan, so he's been waiting for this.



Shit I'd go. Its the weekend before I have finals though. Probably wouldn't be the best decision to make lol. Oh well


HEY...I competed at the Excalibur last year the weekend prior to finals...gimme a break. The only bad decision would be to miss the NY pro for something like 'FINALS'


Just messin Bone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lol



Well this is my last semester so it would be terrible to fail a final and have to stay in college for another 5 months.... wait is that such a bad idea? lol Grad school can wait righttt haha



Word is the Ruhlster is doing the NY Pro. Looks like hes got a smalle waist than Cutler now.


A little time off may have done him good, not constantly having to eat such enormous quantities of food every few hours. When I last went to the N.O.C., Ruhl was the definite crowd favorite, ad most of the audience booing had to do with his not winning, and Jay's taking 1st (despite what u may read, he didn't look that good at the show, but had just inked a deal with Weider)



I would definitly be interested in watching the show. It'd be nice to see Evan Centopani's first pro show. I'm only a train ride away.


How much are tix, and where can you get them?

I'd be interested in going - I can hop the train and be in Manhattan in an hour....

My finals will be done by that point.


Here's the flier.


Ok, so if you want the best seats for prejudging it's 50, plus 100 for best seats at the night show.... 150 total. Pretty steep, but it looks like a really good line-up.

Stu - do you already have tix?


You all should come to the Cutler Classic on May 3rd in Massachusetts. Dexter Jackson is the guest poser.


I haven't picked up tix yet. Probably just gonna go to the finals, and I can guarantee you that I wont be picking up the VIP $150 tix -lol.

I actually live in Queens, so a little subway jaunt for me as well.