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NY Physicians Dealing w/ Test?


Does anyone know any physicians in brooklyn NY that deal with testosterone, like they know their stuff? my physician told me im fine but wouldnt give me the numbers and says its stress. I KNOW my test is low because im always tired low libido no muscle gains at all no matter how hard I train and diet. if I do have any muscle gains they are very minimal. I would seriously appreciate it, It doesnt have to be in brooklyn it can be in the 5 boroughs or even long island.


Google 'brooklyn anti aging doctor' or 'brooklyn hrt doctor.' If you show up and he's got a million pamphlets about the benefits of test and growth in the lobby then you know you are at the right place.

Maybe dont diet at all to get gains. Double your calorie intake, lift heavy and see if you cant gain something. How old are you?


im 23 years old. fast metabolism. My calorie intake went from 1600 to 3000 and the gains are really slow. I checked my test 2 years ago it was at 495 but when I was 19 my test was 324. both times prolactin levels were pretty low. The last physician I went to told me I was fine and never gave me a number for my test and ruled stressed as the factor and recommended I go see a psychiatrist and the psychiatrist told me I was depressed. Gave me wellbutrin. which made me even more depressed which I believe my estrogen levels were raised because of that. sounds crazy but everything bothered me. I cried a lot. I tried taking test boosting supplements but man those things dont work/ at least not for me. I took an anti estrogen helped a little. Im definitely going to google the stuff you recommended above. I appreciate the help. Thank you :slight_smile:


if you have insurance and willing to travel to Philly. One should look for the root cause 495 may be low, but if e2 is high then this could make you feel worse. Do not try to self medicate it will make you worse.


In google earth, in the "fly to" search box enter [compounding pharmacy], then explore web pages of the pharmacies looking for male HRT/TRT educational info, questionnaires and referral offers. Phone them up.

You can order your own labs at LEF.org, on sale until mid month and be armed with the facts.

Any blows to the head? - can injure the pituitary
Any visual field disturbances? - optic nerves run right by the pituitary
Drugs, OTC and Rx can lower T

You are young and age related T loss is not a player. If T is low, or more specifically LH&FSH, you should have your pituitary scanned for problems.

Always get and retain your blood work results!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No more verbal crap.

Thyroid problems and hypogonadism have may symptoms in common.


Thank you very much for the info. I remember about two years ago I had a training partner who was 6'1 320 pounds and we were doing an intense upper body workout till failure. I was doing a tricep extension with a 50 pound dumbell, my arms gave out due to bench pressing 230 pounds till failure and the 50 pound dumbell fell on my head. Did my MRI and thank god there were no bruises in the brain or any bleeding in the skull.

Last summer and the whole year before that there was A LOT of drinking...but I havent had alcohol since jan. The otc herbal supplements havent helped with boosting test. Nor have the anti-estro's. But will check out LEF.org and the info..I appreciate it guys. This means a lot to me.