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NY/NJ Area Training Meetup Thread


I had mentioned this idea a while back in one of my other threads, and people seemed to like the idea, so let's see if we can get this rolling.

With so many T-Folk in the NY/NJ Area, and personally having run into, and trained with a few of them, I thought it would be cool if we picked a few of the cooler (better) gyms around, and made sort of an event of it. I know a few various places were mentioned before, but I was thinking of throwing out the first pitch so to speak. All feedback is welcome and of course appreciated.


TIME: 12-3pm
Bev Francis's Gym
235 Robbins Lane
Syosset, NY 11791

TIME: 5 - 7pm (they open at 5:30 for dinner, but it gets insane!)
Minado's Japanese Buffet (all you can eat suchi, sashimi and hibatchi)
219 Glen Cove Road
Carle Place, NY 11514

Other locales that were mentioned were Bob Bonham's Strong N' Shapely Gym in Jersey -an insane gym if you've never been there!- (although I need help finding a suitable place to gorge afterward -lol), and I think a few other were mentioned but I can't recall at the moment. Hopefully someone with a better knowledge of Manhattan can throw one out that will work for others as well.

C'Mon guys, this can be the 'Meat-head summer of 2011!'


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Anyone Lift on Long Island?

You know I'm definitely in. I'm ready to be a meat-head this summer; sleeve-less shirts and all :slight_smile:


The restaurant meetup sounds GREAT, but do you think it would be a good idea to meet at a gym? How many people can effectively workout together, maybe like 2-3?

Just my thoughts, but I applaud you for taking the initiative.


Well, I doubt we're going to all train as one cohesive unit (we've all see that in our various gyms and how well it works out -lol), but I figure if everyone's going to train anyway, this way we get to hit some really good gyms that we don't normally train at, with other like minded gym rats who would appreciate the opportunity, and then rejoice at our victory over the iron by ingesting dead animals as we offer our thanks to Crom :slight_smile:



Split up into groups and do certain bodyparts.

E.g: 4 guys do chest, 3 do legs etc.

Needless to say I'd love to come by and learn from you guys, but my airplane got confiscated by the Navy. :b


That's so cool! And I have no chance taking a single day off this summer.

But I tell you something: if this is something that will be repeated, I will cheerfully 'sacrify' some of my holidays to fly overseas and meet you guys!

If I only think of all those cool pics we could feed our threads with... Cool!


There's a lot of good restaurants around that area in East Rutherford... you only a couple minutes from Hoboken and Weehawken and all that, remember!


PARAGONA- I'm sure someone will have a camera on hand. Not so much to see different T-Folk busting ass on the weights, but seeing some serious eating getting done. (I know THOUGHTS and I will both be post contest!) Anytime you get stateside big man, I'll meet up and 'do work' with ya. I'm certain others would do likewise. Hell of a little iron-fraternity we've got going in cyber space :slightly_smiling:

IRISH- I've heard that there's a lot of good places to hit up. I recall hearing of several Brazilian BBQ joints in the area, and who wouldn't want all you can eat protein after a monster session?

Obviously I'm gonna need a bit of help with the areas I don't know well, but I'm certainly willing to drive a few hours away if other people are still down for the idea.



On a related note me and ebomb are training coming up! Yeah buddy

I'm in NY. I'd try to make it to some shit.


I've travelled 39 countries and have visited dozens of cities all over the world and have not yet been in NY. That's just wrong! I'll change that as soon as possible :slight_smile:


i'd go but i'd end up being the stick of the group compared to all you meaty guys =[ lol


hmm i would love to see this but i dont think im moving nearly as much weight as you guys are...

on another note, im pretty sure i would be able to do some serious damage during the PWO binge - lol


Guys, guys, it's not about 'hanging' with the weights used, hell, I'm gonna be a week or so out of a multiple contest season, and I doubt I'll be moving anything too impressive. I was hoping it'd be more about the camaraderie than anything else (well, camaraderie and food).



ah well in that case im in!

question though, by one week out from the season you mean 1 week before you start your prep right?

just makin sure you wont be bringing a cooler full of sugar free jello and a chicken breast while every one else is chowing down :wink:


One week after finishing competing. He'll be ready to take the buffet down...I'll be in the same boat. :slightly_smiling:


ohhh ok even better!


Whether its NY or NJ, I'm in.


Definatly be interested but can't do July 9th. Don't think the wife will let me skip out of the honeymoon early.


MAF14- I assure you, no sugar free Jello! I plan on doing some damage. When I know I'm going to 'feed the machine' after a workout, I bust my ass training with serious purpose!

COLIND624- Glad you chimed in! I figure we'll hit Bonham's Gym a week or two later, and I know you have some good locales to suggest for 'fine dining' :slight_smile:

ACTRAIN- Great to hear from ya brother! Sorry you won't make THIS one (good reason though, so I'll let ya slide this time), but really hope you can show up some other time (any good spots in Philly worth a trip?!)

AUSTIN- It'd be great if you showed up. One of the physiques on here that really serves as inspiration to others seeing how you've progressed over time through damn hard work.



Thanks Stu.
The best spot around Philly is Ironsport which is 15 minutes outside the city.
All kinds of strongman and olympic lifting equipment.