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NY/CT Strongman '06


Any T-members In NY/CT area interested in competing in strongman?And I know some of you are?Two shows coming up.STA2 CT show April 1st and Battle of the Bad Ass in NY May 27.Both shows will have mens/womens weight classes and all experience levels.For more info go to CTStrongman.com(CT show) or the NAS site(amateur strongman website).


Planning on CT, may hit Ben's also, depending on how I recover after CT.


That's awesome.Do you train with anyone else thats competing or do u know of anyone thats interested in competing.We're always looking for new blood.Especially the one's that just need a little encourgement to actually compete cause I know there's some strong ass mofo's out there that just need a little push.


I was checking out the one in CT online a few weeks ago and thinking "hmmmm...." But the weights listed for the lightest women might be out of my league :frowning: Do you know any women competing?


I know there's a young lady from NY that's competing.Plus recently the women's division weights were changed on the Log C/P (was 120 now 110)and the axle deadlift(295 now 250).
Oh yeah and how could I forget that the women's division is the highlight of this show cause the lady that's running it is a also a competitor.So she has an entire film crew to shoot the women's comp.Now i know that's gonna bring some females.I'm not sure if you've ever competed before but if you haven't it's going to be an excellent place to get the ball rolling.I mean worst come to worst what's gonna happen you meet other females you can possibly train with.


Thanks for the info. No, I've never done it, but watched a comp in Mass last year and think it looks awesome. I need to ponder... :slight_smile:


Well ur very welcome always a pleasure to be able to catch someone's interest.But be forwarned once you start that's it your hooked.You'll be able to do things that you'd say "Wait a minute did I just do what I think I did.I did!I did!" ha


Do you have any information concerning the NY show? I was only able to find results from last year's competition. Thanks


If you go to www.anvil.com go under recent anvil thread and look for post of Battle of the Bad Ass show.I just checked and it's there right now.Should have all the info you need for this year's show.


I apologize in advance but perhaps I am a being bit dense. I pulled up the website you noted (www.anvil.com) and it seems to be for Anvil Software Systems. Is there a chance you mistyped? Thanks again.


Oh yeah I messed up.Did a search for it also and lead me to the same place but anyhow if you google "strongman anvil" it'll lead you in the right direction.Sorry for the wild goose chase.


just don't put it in quotations


Hey man - How's training going for the major pro show coming up that Ben, G, Ronnie and Skeet are going in to???


Oklahoma Show gonna be awesome but Ben and the boys are just playing around right now( Ha what a joke cause you know they don't fool around training). Gerrard had a broken hand a couple months back but it's all healed up now just takin it slow.Ben and Skeet have been gett'n back into it for the last couple of weeks now.
I'm competing in that show also after STA2. But I'm just focused on STA2 right now you know. I mean hey it's for the LW PRO CARD! And you know I want that! Ben's the guy who got me into this and since day one he's always told me one of those " You just need time grasshopper". Did you compete in last years STA. I took 3rd in the under 200lb.


No. Last show I did was the Jersey show in Sept. Took 7th or 8th there without any belts wraps, etc b/c I was testing my strength gains. Before that my last one was the 2004 Hudson River, where I sucked ass. I took just over a year off to work on base and core strength. I haven't been upstate since early 2004, but I'm pretty sure I know who you are!!!


It's funny small world you know.I was at that show in 04'( In poughkeepsie right?By the water).I didn't compete though I was just gettn into all this.The show in jersey was C.Gardner right? We had 2 kids that competed in that show. I heard it was pretty rough pulln the firetruck.That's pretty crazy testing your new strength at a show but how'd you turn out I mean strength wise. Any good improvements.Names Lou Torres by the way.Nice to meet ya.


Yea, that show was in Poughkeepsie. It was a good show, but I definitely wasn't in good shape for it and the heat killed me. Cam's show was pretty good. That truck was a bear!!! I was happy breaking 30ft on it. I figured that the only way I'd figure out how much functional strength I gained was in a contest and 4/5 events were faves of mine (including the truck), so it was almost a no brainer for me (and my strength was way up!!!). I remember the two guys who came down and talked to them for a little bit. Actually, there was a picture of me doing the truck in PL USA a few months ago. I was pretty psyched about that one!!!


Wow that's cool to see yourself in a big mag like that.Must've been pretty rewarding.I know it feels good to know all the hard work you put in actually accumalated to new strength.Well good luck in training for STA2.Train hard and stay focused.