NY Barbell Reverse Hyper/GHR Combo

Does anybody own this? Or has anyone used it?

It seems like a nice combination of both pieces and for a pretty good price. I have limited floor space in my home gym so getting both separately is out of the question.

If no one has experience with this specific piece…how about anything else from NY Barbell? How is their build quality and customer service?

Thanks for the help.


some of their stuff is OK, i own a basic flat free standing bench that is well built. and i bought some t-bar rowing attachments that work well. But i bought a leg extension that is straight crap, the whole thing was not symmetrical with respect to the seat, the leg pad area was so off center that it didn’t even cover one leg!!!

Good thing is they will take anything back if you don’t like it, customer service is good. My guess is you won’t be pleased wiht it especially if you are over 250lbs, their machines seem to be built adequate for smaller guys but not heavyweights.

I owned this piece and then sold it. The GHR part was fine but the reverse hyper part was horrible. I would not recommend it.

DAMN IT! What I really wanted to hear was, “Hell yeah! I’ve got it and it’s better than having sex!”

It just goes to show that if it seems too good to be true it probably is.

Thanks for speaking up…

Is Stone gonna have to build his own damn reverse hyper?
Simmons wants $1200-2400 and none are like the one in his gym

the one in his gym suspends the weight by a chain

the old style has the chain suspended weight and i agree its better than the newer super fancy crap. not too hard to fabricate one if you have some welding skills, or take a pic to a good metalfab shop and they can handle it if they have any skill at all. i am blessed to #1 have an engineering background and #2 own my own metal shop, i ended up making the large majority of my stuff.