Nxcare Plasmavol

Hi, I just wanted to know if anyone had any experience with this supplement. On the companies site, a guy said he gained 15 lbs in 4 days…so I’m pretty skeptical.
I also want to know if you guys think the ingredients are any good


Official site


One of the most fancy ways I’ve seen to market creatine. I love those companies that try and make everything look so “scientific” and add -ol to every single supplement.

Do yourself a favor and buy some plain good ole german creatine from Biotest at a fraction of the price and get the same results. All they do on that website is basically describe creatine’s mechanism with some twists.

15lbs in 4 days! HAHHA

Bullshit at it’s finest, why even make such ridiculous claims? At least 15lbs in 1 month MIGHT be believable, but in 4 days?

Maybe fat and water…

lol ya it does sound too good to be true…I guess I’ll just stay with creatine…

thanks guys