nWo coming to the WWF

Anyone catch Smackdown last night? I couldn’t believe how it ended. I’m so psyched. Any ideas of who exactly is joining the WWF from the old nWo crew?

I heard Hall and Nash are coming back soon and Hogan sometime before Wrestlemania.

Nash, Hall, and Hogan have both signed long term contracts. Why in Vince Mcmahon’s right mind he signed them is beyond me.

Hall is good on the mic and has a well developed chararcter, but his personal battles with alcohol and drugs have almost cost him his job on many occasions. A big risk for someone that is over forty and has all of the aforementioned problems.

Nash is lame on the mic and even worse in the ring. He has trouble running much less working a match. I think he legit has 3 wrestling moves. Besides, the last promotion he worked for and tried to “carry” folded. Not smart on Vince’s part to hire him.

Hogan is pushing 45 if he isn’t already. If it isn’t in his best ineterst, certain workers will be held down. He did this all the time in WCW. Always wanting to dictate who was on tv before him and after him. He is literally hated by some of the WWF workers. Especially Austin, who has said many negative things about Hogan in the past. Basically Austin hates him. On top of all that, the fans have no interest in Hogan. Look at WCW before it folded for proof.

With all of the talent WWF has now that is not being used why would these three be signed to long term contracts? Dave Meltzer reported that WWF talent was upset after hearing the news of them being signed. Not a good move for Vince and his company.