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NW T-Pack Gathering: Portland Scottish Highland Games


When: Saturday, July 19.

Machill (the gal that just got second in Hell on the Hill this past Saturday) and her friend, Rachel have sent me an email to "alert" me of this event. And to ask if I wanted to join them - as spectators. "Hell, ya!".

Sadly, Ko will have to work that day. But how could I pass up watching a bunch of grow men in kilts throwin' Braemer stones and kegs about? Oh, and of course, beer.

Any other NW T-Folk care to join? Here's the site for info: www.geocities.com/ptrip_99/

Cost is $10.


Gonna bump this puppy up.


My friend Gordon is competing in the Caber Toss (sp??)

If I don't have to work, I'm so there.



Dude, let me know either way. We'll have to figure out a spot to meet.


I LOOOOVE Highlander Games. Some of those guys would kick serious tail in track & field (shot put and hammer throw).

Btw, Patricia, what is up with people putting random countries as their locations? Is this just something started by one person that just caught on or was it part of some club or something?


chris - all the cool people are doing it. You should try it.


Chris: I would have put "China" but that ain't available right now on the pre-made list.

I think next week I'll be in the "Virgin Islands". The week after, thinking about, ooooh, Minnesota? Hey, is Madagascar available?


I'll be there. (My second Highland Games--I love those things!)


Patricia, I'll let you know soon.

I wonder if they have an "open" competition - I used to be a pretty good shot putter in high school, as did Ike I hear.

What shall the beer selection be that day? Guiness for strength?


Indeed, they do have a novice class. I'm gonna do it, since it's only 25 bucks. See you all there!


jeffaruni: Cool!!!!

Okee dokee. Guinness on tap. You know this thing begins at 8:30AM. I guess I should begin the day properly by pouring Guinness over my cereal.


There was a time when I greatly enjoyed Cheerios and beer.

That time was about 3 weeks ago.


Ya wimp Rummy. I just had beer and oatmeal yesterday. hehehe


Okay. THIS Saturday.

Where we all gonna meet?


Are you going at 8:30 a.m.?

I guess the amateur events start at that time, but the kilted mile is the first "real" event and it begins at 12:30.

Anyhow, I'm pretty sure I'm off work, so Highland Games it is.

Anyone up for breakfast first? Maybe at Ko's restaurant?


I'm in for either 8:30AM or 12:30AM.

PM me.

Breakfast at The Heathman? I always love to start my day with the French Toast. YUM!

Definitly PM me. :-))