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NW T-Force Gathering Announcement!!!

When: June 28 (Saturday)

Site: Hell on the Hill Strongman Challenge.

For information on this event, go here: www.juliehavelka.com/hell_on_hill.html

Why then? Well, it’s during a strongman contest; what better opportunity to gather NW T-Forces? And afterwards, expect mucho beer and food. Well, at least for me :-))

I expect to see many of the shiny, happy faces of my fellow T-Packsters there. And prepare to take plenty of pictures so that this memorable event can be recorded in T-History. And how many T-Like references can I make in one post? hehehehe

Oh, and we can certainly plan for a mini-gathering before June 28. That’d be uber T-Cool. :-))

Ah hell, I’ll “bump” this for others to see…and respond to.

I guarantee I will be there.

But we need to do something between now and then!

What the hell, I’ll add my worthless .02 and partially hijack this thread. I would love to see a live strongperson event. That reeks of awesomeness. Enjoy yourselves, let the beer flow like wine, and kick ass, Patricia.

As for the the hijack, do any of you T-peeps live in the Providence/Boston area? Has a Southern New England T-cell been formed?

Ike: okee dokee. Ko has already told you that this weekend is out. And we’re gonna be in Boise on the weekend of June 7. Before and after is pretty cool to plan somethin’.

Question is, where’s the other NW T-peoples? C’mon, post here will ya?

CMC: thanks, I’ll do my best. As for seeing a live strongman contest, the upcoming events are post over at the NASS (North American Strongman Society) site: nastrongman.com
And this is strongman season; somethin’ could be coming up soon in your area!

Just because of all the cool T-people in the area (and the beer), I’ve picked the Portland area as the top place to go if I ever move back to the USA. Not really applicable to this post, but I thought I’d share that and help bump the thread up a bit.

Thanks, Gary!

And I’ll again do my part and bump this thread up…

I’ll be there - with a beer dispensing helmet full of dead guy ale just for patricia when she finishes…


Pac-NW is a pretty cool place, isn’t it?

Now then.

Where, indeed, are our fellow Portlandites?

Rumbach: I fully expect to see that beer dispensing helmet. Oh yeah…

And where’s Mister Merrow? Jennifer? Hello?!

I would join the fun but I’m not allowed to drink beer for another 4 years - otherwise I would represent the lovelist town in the Northwest:

yes, Beaverton.

Tuesday: even if you can’t drink beer, you should still comeby and check out the fun on June 28.

Oh, and everybody: don’t forget to bring something to sit on. Preferably a cooler full of beer…kidding…

This is my feeble attempt to bump this thread back up.

I just checked out the website, I can’t wait.

Can I team up with Ike in the men’s novice division, each carrying one side of the farmer’s walk?


One more thing - do they need volunteers to help at the event? This might be a great way to get some T-Pack people involved, and I would gladly help out if they needed it.


This would be a great question for Tod or Julie. You can certainly email either of them; emails should be available on their website.

They didn’t mention the need for volunteers, but then I didn’t ask them about this.

Great suggestion, though!

Rumbach: I believe Todd is in need of “loaders” for the various events, i will ask him.

But keep in mind, loading is a lot of work, and you may regret it at the end of the day.

Ko and Patricia - I’ll look for their email addresses online - mention it to them, if you would.

Loading sounds like good hard work, plus it would promise that I could see the events rather than being stuck at a table somewhere. If they need help, I’m there.


Wish I lived close by so I could come and show some support in person. Do well and make us proud.

Me too!! I would love to learn more about the sport by watching you.
You should get someone with a digital camera to film you. Can we post MP3 files here? I am not that much of a tec-y person.
I want to see you pull and flip the cars. Sooo Nice.
Yesterday I finished moving the last of my furniture and when I was pulling the bed out the Van moved and well I thought of you!! I’m such a geek I know.
But seriously- it must be an overwhelming sensation of phenomenal cosmic POWER to see a car start to roll- then pick up speed at your efforts.
I think Shugs should make a trip down and take some Photo’s of you in action!
We are thinking of you!

Always good to see this thread up:-)

Rummy: Even though it’ll be tough work, I think it’ll be worth it. I hope others will also volunteer.

Magnus: Thanks and I’ll be doin’ my damndest. And I know most of the forum will be there in spirit. Which I soooo appreciate!