I read an article about a new drink and recently purchased it. It’s called NuVim.

It is being marketed as an “immune system builder”, and also for “muscle flexibility and sturdy joints.”

The following is what is supposed to be the “magic bullet”: “LactoActin” and “LactoMune.”

LactoActin is supposed to be the the “macro nutrient” that helps to build sturdy joints. LactoMune is supposed to help build the immune system. It also has Whey Protein in it, and is lactose free.

It comes in two flavors: Strawberry and Tangerine. I bought the Tangerene and it is an interesting drink. It tastes like a fruit juice but has the consistency of milk. It’s actually quite good!

8Fl. oz.:

70 Calories
0 Fat
0 Cholesterol
100mg. Sodium
12g. Carbs
11g. Sugar
4g. Protein
60mg. Vitamin C
30IU. Vitamin E
1500IU. Vitamin A
6mcg. Vitamin B12
100mg. Calcium
15mg. Zinc

The interesting part is that it has 138mg. of LactoActin and 40mg of LactoMune. Both, from what I read, are derived from milk.

Have any of you heard or read about this drink. If so is this pure marketing? Is the drink good or garbage?

No one heard of it?

Can’t say that I have. Where did you hear about it?

Found it on one of my health sites. It tastes good but I am wondering if it’s all hype.

Zeb, LactoMune and LactoActin are trademarked terms, so there is very little on the 'Net about it except from the company that trademarked those terms.

It sounds an awful lot like what you would get from taking a good colostrum or lactoferrin supplement. Below is NuVim’s definition/description of the micronutrients. And they are micronutrients.

? LactoMune is a micronutrient that helps maintain a normal intestinal balance.

? LactoActin is a natural trace element found in milk that helps promote muscle
flexibility and helps support sturdy joints.

Hey thanks TT!

I am nearly addicted to the taste of that darn drink. I keep rationalizing my consumption because of all the NuVim company hype. Honestly, I think that’s all it is too. Darn!

I’ve drankt his stuff ebfore… Don’t knwo if it’s any good though

Sounds a lot like colosturm.

I like it and get it, but the grocery store I shop at sometimes doesn’t have it. That kinda sucks because you’re supposed to use it long-term to see a difference.

There’s also a “fruit punch” kind of flavor too.

It tastes good and doesn’t seem to have a whole lot of calories.

The only downside is the price: almost 3 bucks for a half-gallon in Brooklyn.


Yea, the stuff is hard to find and expensive. I have been drinking it since summer and I really don’t see any difference. I just love the taste though.

I’m hooked ahhhhh someone help me!!

dont forget to bring a towel!