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Nutty's Log Vol.1

I think with BTM I love the simplicity of it. LOTS of volume with a few lifts. Doing the 100 chin-ups were the worst lol. The dips I didn’t mind, but I never got to 200. I think I was around 150ish and my triceps and chest were just done at that point.

When I read this, I automatically imagine pain in my biceps tendon/shoulder.

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By far the best part of BtM. You get stronger, in better shape (if you run it right) and you get bigger off of like 6 exercises. Just a brutal block of training that works great.

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It’s not for everyone man! If I could re do it I think I would cap it at 100 dips and do push ups other times.

For sure man! I think it’s more like an Eastern European philosophy way of lifting. Less variety but a shit ton of volume with a few lifts!

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DEADLIFT (ss: Abs)

BENCH PRESS (ss: Rows)


Lunges, GHR, Back Ext


So for the past 6 weeks I’ve eaten 2 meals a day. I’ve increased my meat consumption again, but that’s because I’m trying to cut back on the carbs.

I eat my first meal at 7am and my second meal at 8pm. The meals have basically gone with this template:

8-10oz meat, 2 cups fruit, 1.5 cups rice, 2 eggs, 1tbsp olive oil, 2tbsp PB, veggies (unlimited)

I don’t calorie count but basically trying to get 125g carbs, 50g fats, and 100g protein in each meal. This gets me to 3000cals which is exactly what I need to just maintain (well probably cut a bit) but can do this very easily.

I’ve always been a big meal less meals type of guy. But the reason I started this was when I heard about this term “natural eating pattern”. And through a bit of just trial, I learned that mine is literally eating twice a a day. No snacks, nothing fancy in between, but just literally eat breakfast and eat dinner. And funny enough this the best my gut has felt in years. I just feel good. Yes I’m a bit full for like 1/2 hour-1 hour after eating, but after that I’m good to go. No more bringing food to the office or worrying about eating in the middle of the day unless I actually get hungry. Now that my stomach is use to this, I don’t feel that stuffed feeling anymore.

I think I found something that is going to make my lifestyle change. I’ll continue doing it but since I have no want in gaining any more wait, I think this style will work just fine for me going forward.


I’m guessing this means to just eat when you’re hungry?

If so, then my natural eating pattern would kill me. I’m hungry every couple of hours and I eat 500-700 calories at each meal/snack. I guess if I ate two of them at once then it might stick with me longer…


I wouldn’t say it means that. I think for someone who just wants to be “healthy” that would work.

But I’ve learned I don’t like eating small meals. When I eat, I want to have a feast lol. I don’t have a big appetite overall, but when I eat, I can put a lot of food in me. I’ll never forget I was at a Cuban restaurant like 3 weeks ago and the people next to me were shocked when they saw them bring out a sandwich and this carne asada type dish. They were like “That’s all for you??”. I ate it all and was just fine lol.

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Man, I swear I have a 400 lb man stuck inside of me. I can eat. Your new style of eating goes against all of the real and bro science. Dr. Schoenfield found that protein synthesis can last for four hours after a meal so eating 40-60g of protein every four hours keeps the resources available for that process (I don’t actually know if protein synthesis keeps going, though).

If I plan correctly, then my “small” meals aren’t bad. Today I have 8 ounces of shredded pork (boston butt cut), 200g of potatoes, and 8 oz of a broccoli Normandy mix of veggies. It’s filling and it comes in at 640 cal, 50g C, 24g F, and 44g P. I brought two rounds of that today. I’m actually going to skip my second helping because I’ll be eating dinner in the next 60-90 minutes. No reason to eat now (just finished my workout).

I could definitely crush 1300-1500 calories for breakfast, but I think I’d be hungry again by 1pm and I’d have to deal with that until 5:30 or 6:00…

Interesting approach. Where’d you find it?

I honestly don’t think it really matters that much for regular lifters. I think if you are an elite athlete (whether D1, professional, etc) then those things make a difference.

But just to be big and strong I think you just gotta consistently eat well and big. If you have to eat like pro bodybuilders, professional strongman, etc there’s no way you could eat that much in 2 meals lol. I think for up to 2000-4000 calories a day you could possibly do in 2 meals if you can stomach it. But for anything more than that you’d have to start spreading it out. Plus I’m lucky in the sense that I don’t need super high calories, so I lucked out in that approach. Plus most people like to eat 3-4 meals a day. I am mentally more satisfied when feasting so the 2-3 really big meal approach works for me.

I don’t think protein just disappears. If you think of our ancestors once we went passed the stage of hunter/gatherer and a bit more “modern” I think the 2 meal a day was pretty standard. You would eat in the morning, and then go work all day, and then eat again. Rinse and repeat. At least in Asia, can’t speak for other regions.

I don’t even remember man. I’ve been listening to audiobooks lately and it started with this one called the Paleo Way. I don’t 100% agree with it, but lots of good information in there. And from there just started listening to lots of podcast and other books randomly and started forming my own opinion. I think I even heard Stan Efferding mention about his clients he would have them figure out their eating style/pattern before assigning them templates. So it’s just something I’m experimenting with. I’m eating the same amount, but I feel much better. Probably because my digestive system is not constantly working.

I’ll do this for the end of the year and see how it goes. I feel great, so going to stick with it until it doesn’t or until I want to try something else lol.

I think at the end of the day it’s calories in and calories out. As long as you are eating the calories/macros you are supposed to eat I don’t think it matters if it’s 1 meal a day or 7 meals a day.

A friend of mine, she’s a woman, but doesn’t believe in “meals” she just eats through the day. Granted she only eats like 2000 calories (does crossfit), but she’ll have just a piece of salmon, then a few hours later have a cucumber, then a few hours later a salad, then a few hours later some potatoes with eggs, etc. No meal prep no counting, just consistently eats random shit through the day. Working well for her.

I think it’s easy to get caught up in science, details, and all that. But just like lifting, just stick to the basics. Lift, run, eat, stretch, enjoy life and prosper lol.


I could do the grazing thing but before I know it, I’m eating cookies, peanut butter, mixed nuts, etc. Grazing on 500 calories at a time doesn’t work out for me.

I’m always interested in different eating approaches because I’ve yet to find one I can follow without being OCD about it. I don’t exactly enjoy weighing my food for every meal but if I don’t then I fail.

Maybe a big breakfast and dinner approach could work for me… I’d still struggle with snacking. I don’t know how people survive the office. Earlier this week someone brought a ton of double chocolate chip cookies. I ate three. There was also an entire meal with bad food on a separate floor. I couldn’t go see it or else I would’ve lost control.

Another thing for me to consider is that I’m not exactly growing. If I’ve been nailing the 40g of protein every four hours then it hasn’t done anything for me. I guess I shouldn’t worry about it anymore.

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Same. If I am not actively doing something that requires my body to be moving, I am always ready for more food. Especially if anything unhealthy is readily available, I’ll definitely find myself eating say…2-3 times the amount I should.

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I decided to try to merge myself into a day of eating that’s similar to your new approach. I had a 800+ calorie breakfast of eggs, sausage, and a bagel just before 7am. I’ve been hungry for 20 minutes and it’s only 9.

Luckily, I’m planning to have lunch today at Chick-fil-A. I’ll have two Cool Wraps and dip them in Buffalo Sauce. That’ll get me another 775 calories and leave me about 800 cals for dinner.

Tomorrow I might try to split everything into two meals.

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Haha your metabolism must be something else!

Na man gotta get the original chicken sandwich and get the Polynesian sauce!!

Give it go man, it’s not for everyone!

Man, I love those chicken wraps. They’re dense and they fill me up better than most things.

Sunday I might just have one meal. We’re going to my parents’ and I think the plan is to grill burgers. My wife is supposed to be making BBQ baked beans and my grandma might be making her homemade ice cream. I know I’ll eat three times as much as any regular human so I’ll need to “fast” beforehand.

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Sounds like the perfect meal, dude.

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I’m curious @isdatnutty, you lift crazy big numbers and you’re not hungry all the time? I’m sure its somewhere but what do you weigh?

Do you consider this protocol a type of fasting?

I get hungry in spurts. When I’m hungry I get REALLY hungry. But once I eat, I don’t get hungry for a long time. I get my calories in but I don’t have that big appetite that some people do. I know @flipcollar was the same way where he just didn’t have a huge appetite. I can eat A LOT, but I don’t get that hunger that others do. It’s just how I’m naturally wired I guess.

As of this morning I weigh 182. My weight is +/- 3lbs on a given day. I’ve never weighed more than 187, but ever since I’ve gotten “jacked” I haven’t weighed less than 178. But remember I’m 5’7 with short limbs and big hands so I’m stocky lol.

I guess technically it is a fast, but I don’t really look at it that way. I’m not purposely “fasting”. I just realized I love eating big ass meals but less frequent. I feel really good so I’m just gonna see how far this can take me.

Same here, I’m currently at 205 and can “visualize” my abs if squint real hard :joy:

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Have you ever run Anavar? I put it in my current blast and I’m hungry all the time now.