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Nuts & Protein

Should protein from nuts be counted in the daily protein total?

I was trying to think of a good reason why it shouldn’t and my head exploded. YES for gosh sakes!!!

No, because it is not complete protein.

I just made that up.

I would only worry about this if I were a vegetarian/vegan and didn’t eat chicken breasts until they came out my ears.

Protein Maths: Yet another reason not to be a vegetarian/vegan!

protein maths? so eloquent

nuts and grains don’t contain adequate lysine, but beans and complete sorces especially dairy have more than adequate lysine content to make up for it.

They do contain some lysine though, so yes, they should be counted.

There are very few foods that contain protein but that don’t contain the 9 essential amino acids.

HEALTHY foods, that is. I don’t know about unhealthy foods, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that 1g of protein on those potato chips isn’t lean protein.

I just count them as a Good fat source with the side effect of having a bit of protein and carbs. Nope I dont count em.