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I started eating a lot (as in 100-200g/day) of nuts (I think fried peanuts...and seldom, walnuts).
I usually take 100+ g everyday at school as a snack (600cals seem pretty good, I also feel pretty good when eating fat or protein).
Now, a lot of people keep telling me I'll ruin my liver and, some, stomach.
Are they actually dangerous?
I try to eat pretty clean (few sweets, no soda, very few trans fats). Will nuts ruin my liver?


Ruin your liver? Thats horse sh*t.

If you are eating fried nuts they probably have hydrogenated oils or high saturated fat and a lot of sodium from the added salt.

My recommendation would be to stop eating fried nuts and get the regular unsalted nuts. And start eating more walnuts. Walnuts have omega 3s.


They're fried with "shells", without oil. The salt sticks to the "shell" (well, a very thin brown crust...not the shell some peanuts have- excuse my lack of knowledge in term of nuts). if I canfind natural, I'll buy that instead.
So they are not dangerous for the liver, right? :smiley:


Unless you have a food allergy, nuts are good food.

Ummm, how to put this, your body, including your stomach, liver, and so on, are DESIGNED to process incoming foods. It is their function!

Unless you are ingesting something other than food, or unless you have a medical condition, you don't have to worry much about parts of your body being harmed by eating food.

No wonder everyone is fat and unhealthy, they think real food is going to do unthinkable things to the body.


I used to be addicted to peanuts and cashews as snacks and it was really taking a toll on my total caloric intake. But I started forcing myself to eat walnuts. I hated them at first, so I ate them in lowfat plain yogurt with protein powder also mixed in. But after a couple months of that, I find myself munching on walnuts all the time, but only in moderate amounts. Good luck, you just need to get used to the taste.


i think theyre referring to an ingredient in peanuts called "leptin". i forget what it does though, google it


Leptin is a hormone, not a compound in peanuts.

Also, the nuts you're eating aren't fried, they're probably roasted.

The problem with peanuts and also cashews is that they tend to grow a mold, which you can't see or taste. The mold produces aflatoxin, which is indeed toxic to your liver.

Valencia peanuts are less likely to have this mold.

I'd suggest you eat more almonds and walnuts.


Aflatoxin is present in/on many different foods. Basically, mold and fungus byproducts are not good for us...

For lots of good information on this subject, visit the USDA:

Unlike third-world countries, where large outbreaks have occurred from the lack of regulatory measures and high exposure levels, the U.S. has no reported human outbreaks of acute aflatoxicosis.

The clinical syndrome of aflatoxicosis is characterized by abdominal pain, vomiting, pulmonary edema, convulsions, coma, liver damage, and death.

Aflatoxin B1 is positively associated with liver cell cancer, supported by epidemiological studies done in Asia and Africa.

Susceptibility to aflatoxicosis may be influenced by age, sex, nutritional status, health, and the level and duration of exposure.

Long-term exposure to low levels of aflatoxins in the food supply may have adverse effects over time to humans.

Humans can become sick by consuming unsafe levels of aflatoxin contaminated food and food products from grains, nuts and milk.[/i]


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